Did You Find Me By Accident?


Dear person who ended up on my blog after googling “I’m feeling hurt”: Did you find what you needed here? Did you find the Lord God, and know that He is with you, that He loves you beyond measure? Did you know that He is the ultimate counselor, the Prince of Peace because it is […]

Mere Christianity Study: Biblical Worldview

Mere Christianity biblical worldview

Have you ever read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity? I never had before, but had wanted to, and thanks to a review opportunity from Home School Adventure Co. for their Mere Christianity Journal, I’m finally doing so! My high school student and I are reading the book by Lewis, and using the study guide of the […]

Christian Fellowship Friday


Is anyone else having a super busy and super blessed spring? I hope so! (Well, the blessed part, anyway!) It’s one thing after another here, and I am far past due with this update! I do hope you all will forgive me for not getting the linky up these past few weeks. I have them […]

Curiosity Quest Science Videos Review

What are you curious about? Is there anything that really gets your curiosity up and running? My boys have loved our review of the DVD’s from Curiosity Quest that we received several weeks ago! We received two sets, with three episodes each. DVD Combo Pack – Produce has three episodes titled Mushrooms, Cranberries, and Orange […]

Diagramming the Proverbs – Day 3

Diagramming the Proverbs small

If you’ve followed me this week, you know that I’m dedicating the week to Diagramming the Proverbs, and pulling out some truths that we might otherwise miss by examining the grammar. On Monday, I discussed the misinterpretation from the pulpit that inspired this series, and included a printable sample for that specific verse. On Tuesday, […]

Victus Study Skills System Review

victus study skills

If you have a student who could use some study skills help, then the Victus Study Skills System may be just the system for you! I received for the purpose of review the Student Workbook and the Teacher Edition for this system, and we’ve been working on it with my high school student. The program […]

Supercharged {Homeschool} Science

homeschool science

I am really awful at teaching homeschool science, and am so thankful for the TOS Crew and the chance to do reviews like this one so we can find what works for us. If you’ve been falling me for any amount of time, you are already aware that science is my downfall. In order for […]

Diagramming the Proverbs – Day 2

Diagramming the Proverbs small

Did you enjoy the sample of diagramming scripture yesterday? Then you will love today’s post! As I mentioned yesterday, this week I am presenting printables for diagramming the Proverbs, in order to examine the grammatical structure of these wise sayings so that we can properly understand what is being said. It is only in understanding […]

Diagramming the Proverbs – Day 1

Diagramming Day One

The Proverbs in scripture are full of not just good advice, but great advice and light for living. Useful for instruction, for correction, not just for our children but even as adults we can come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit by reading and internalizing the Proverbs. But, it’s internalizing them and truly understanding […]

Captivated the Movie Review


Are you captivated by today’s technology? Has Facebook taken you captive and caused you to believe the lie that you are being social, even though it’s all surface and no real relationship? I received a Captivated DVD from Media Talk 101 through the Schoolhouse Review Crew for the purpose of review, and let me just […]