Christian Fellowship Friday


I know it’s almost Saturday now, it’s so late in the day! There’s been a lot go on today, and it’s still going on! As usual, a few prayer requests in the mix. Please, allow me to pray for you – if your linked post doesn’t include prayer requests, would you please share them in […]

Unit Study Review: Westward Ho! Part 1 by Homeschool Legacy

I’ve always adored the cohesiveness of a unit study approach in homeschooling, but had mind blocks concerning whether it could really cover all of the necessary components. We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a unit study by Homeschool Legacy from their Once-a-Week series; the title we received is Westward Ho I, a 5 week study. […]

Christian Fellowship Friday


Hello friends! Welcome to this week’s Christian Fellowship Friday. I can’t wait to catch up with you all! Are you preparing for a graduation in your home? Things are always so busy in the spring months! Please remember to comment here or visit my site some. Visit the link before yours, comment on it and […]

WordsBright ABC Book Review

Wordsbright ABC book

Because we have preschoolers in the house, we are always on the lookout for fun ways to incorporate letters and reading study into our day. WordsBright blessed us with the opportunity to receive their new book S is for Smiling Sunrise for the purpose of review. Overall, it’s a cute ABC Book with great pictures! […]

Christian Fellowship Friday


What a blessed day of the Lord! Welcome, friends! How is your spring? Please link up below and don’t forget to comment please! I have a question this time. Please share this linkup. Visit, comment, and share the post before yours as well, and click “like” when you’ve done so. Feel free to do that […]

Firmly Planted – A Family Bible Study

family bible study

While we are super active at church and are always discussing the things of the Lord in front of and with our children, even running a home fellowship group twice monthly, we have not had a specific method of studying Bible in our homeschool for quite a time now. I was excited by the opportunity […]

Motivate Your Child! Giveaway

I can’t wait to read this book and work on this action plan. Motivation is kind of an issue in my home right now, and I have some family near to my heart who could really use some help with their kids (especially one). From a site called “Biblical Parenting,” I feel sure that at […]

ARTistic Pursuits Review


I’ve had a hard time including things like art and music in our homeschool, simply because in my home we’ve had a need to emphasize doing what you “have to do” before you can do what you want to do. So when I had the chance to review for ARTistic Pursuits, I knew a curriculum […]

Christian Fellowship Friday


Hello, friends! My apologies on having missed this linkup for a couple of weeks now. My wrist flared up and I was in severe pain for quite a while. As a massage therapist, I missed a week’s worth of work and have now reduced my hours to reflect what my body is telling me I […]

Tupperware Party and FLASH Giveaway!

Tupperware Giveaway

Hello, my wonderful friends and readers! Thanks for your patience recently – I’ve been recovering from what the doctor has called “overuse tendonitis” in my wrist. I’m a massage therapist part-time out of the home, so it’s been a big deal here lately. Prayers are appreciated even still as I recover. But tonight we are […]

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