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Recently, the blogging community lost a beloved member and friend, Mandy Kelly of Worshipful Living, when her house was engulfed in flames in the middle of the night. Mandy, her husband, and her two youngest children perished in the flames; her two older children and her mother-in-law were able to escape. I didn’t know Mandy, though I did follow her Worshipful Living blog; let me share with you how she has affected me even in her passing.

MandyKelly Worshipful Living
Worshipful Living

I didn’t know Mandy’s story. I didn’t know that she’d tried to adopt and had it heart breakingly fall through multiple times, nor of her losses before that. I didn’t know that she’d recently endured the passing of multiple church friends in addition to her own father. I didn’t know much about her at all, really. I had her blog on my like list, and I subscribed through her feed, though I’ll be the first to admit that I’m horrible about actually reading through all the subscriptions I receive.

I do remember her shining smile, and her sunny personality. I do remember visiting her blog from time to time, and appreciating her viewpoint. But I didn’t know her. I didn’t know much about her, even, until she had passed and those closest to her began posting and sharing their grief and Mandy’s Worshipful Living philosophies.

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But people started sharing and I learned about this wonderful woman of God who has endured so much. I learned of her Worshipful Living mindset, and her cheery disposition through it all. Her Facebook live videos show a woman of encouragement, of confidence, and who just wants to help others live for Christ as she has done.

She talked about Ecclesiastes 7. She spent only a moment on how a good name is better than precious ointment. If she’d only known the name she made for herself! But she sees now, the impact she’s had on this earth. She’s receiving her honor.

And the second half of that same verse says that the day of death is better than the day of birth. How fitting, granted her own struggles towards obtaining a child! She has her baby and they are – in her own words – dancing at the feet of Jesus together. She reminds us to think with a Kingdom mindset, as the chapter continues – sorrow is better than joy, it says. We garner benefits that last from sorrow, and not just the immediate benefits of joy. Joy is good – sorrow is better. That’s not how we think, she says.

And she’s right. As humans having to trudge through this world, we forget that sorrow is better than joy, that death is better than life, and that the most important thing is a good name. Mandy said she hoped that when she goes and people talk about her, that people will say she was a good woman, a good wife, a good mother. That’s exactly what people are saying. She encouraged others to “finish well” and I think that the best way we can honor her is to do exactly that. Live sacrificially, striving only for a deeper relationship with God, and remember that this world is not our home. That is Worshipful Living.

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    • dalynnrmc says

      What an honor to have you personally visit my page – thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment! Praying for your family as the Lord carries you through this season. <3

    • dalynnrmc says

      Indeed. But thank the Lord that it’s true! Thanks for taking the time to comment. <3

  1. says

    Mandy had such a sweet smile. I wish I got to know her like so many others. But from what I learned of Mandy through her blog and on Facebook, I want to be just like her.

    • dalynnrmc says

      That’s a sweet sentiment. I think Mandy would agree, though, that we should each work towards being the individual that God created us to be. You are important, and you are loved! Thanks for taking the time to comment!