World Vision Gifts

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Are you familiar with World Vision? The charity work they do, and the gifts they offer as contributions to their work? I was blessed to receive gift items from their catalog for the purpose of review, and for the purpose of letting my Christian readers know about this generous gift option.


I received these beautiful hand-beaded Christmas ornaments. Let me tell you  – these are gorgeous!! I couldn’t get very good close-up pictures of them, but they are very intricate, each bead added individually, and all the little curled wires and details. I could actually tell what each of these animals was – a giraffe (read the giraffe riddle post and what the Lord had for me in that HERE), an elephant, and an ox. You can get each of these separately for $50 or all three of them for $150 – but what you are getting is so much more than an exquisite, department store quality (or better, probably) pretty little thing. It opens up the opportunity to help a family, a community, even a child with urgent needs. These are made by individuals in Kenya who received a loan to begin their business, and they are working their way out of poverty. In a land of much less opportunity than we have here, it’s all anyone can ask. It’s a hand up, and not a hand out – and there aren’t many people in the world who are poorer than these.


Take a look at the handcrafted gifts section of the catalog. It’s filled with many, many more gift items like this. Jewelry, scarves, books, even a category for “most needed” is found here. Gifts that Multiply includes categories like “clothing for children,” “life saving food and medical care,” “necessities in America,” “school supplies,” “water and sanitation,” and many more, all in differing amounts or pick your own amount. Give animals and give the gift of stability and sustenance. Sustain a family with a chicken, or an entire village with a donkey. It makes a bigger difference than you can know. Give a single sheep, or an entire flock.


Personally, I love the idea of the Plush Goat. I think it’s a great way to help kids understand the impact of the gift they’re making. You can even do this one (or any other gift) so that it is mailed to a recipient with a card explaining its true significance and impact. It’s our goal to do this for each of our kids every year.

Go to the website and check the list at the left side. There are so many ways to give, so many things that are needed. What is your heart? Education, clean water, emergency aid, women, children, sexual exploitation, hunger, orphans, even poverty in America. If you want to help Americans first, you can do that through World Vision. You can choose to give monthly. Of course, you can choose to sponsor a child as well. You can even find the gifts broken down by price value on the left side.

This gift giving season, consider a gift that makes an impact. Share your faith with your family and friends. Make an impact for the Kingdom of Christ. Merry Christmas!