Weight Loss Wednesday

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Hello, healthy people! How has your week been?

My week has been okay. My update is that this is my “off” week; the one week each month when I gain 5 pounds. Sure enough, Monday morning, my scale read exactly 210.8 – but I knew it would happen. I try not to get discouraged, and wait patiently to see what it says next week.

On another note, my tax return arrived today, so I’ll be putting in an order for ACE! I’ll be doing the Saba 60 challenge, and would love for you to join me! It comes with a 60 day supply of either ACE or Trim, a 30 day supply of Co-Cleanse, and ToppFast – the meal replacement shake – in either chocolate or vanilla. It comes with exclusive access to a Saba 60 Facebook group, and a weekly conference call – we all realize how important that companionship, encouragement, and accountability all are to this journey! I can’t wait to show you what comes in it and tell you about how well it’s working for me!

If you’ll remember, the best success I’ve had over the past couple of years has been when I was taking ACE. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2013, I took ACE as a review for this blog and lost a whopping 11 pounds! That’s one of the hardest times of the year to lose weight, I did nothing else to help it along, and that’s a significant amount of weight in that amount of time. It’s what helped jump start my weight loss, and I am now almost 40 pounds lighter than I was when I started it then.

In addition, look for my full review of Trim Healthy Mama next week as well! I’m thrilled with the results I’ve gotten from that change in my eating habits. Since I went off the gluten fast, the first full week that I ate THM-style, I lost twice in that week as what I had prior to that. I’m convinced this will work for me, and with the addition of aids like ACE I fully expect to lose the most weight during the next 2 to 4 months. (I might decide to repeat the 60 day challenge!)

This week, I think I’ll sit and work out some specific plans and goals to help me along the way. My work schedule has changed, so my workouts have changed. I plan to obtain a device to help me track my body movement so watch for an update about that. I need to purposefully drink a set amount of water each day, and though it’s not part of the THM style I am going to simply start paying attention to calories in preparation for determining if I need to limit myself in that way as well.

It’s a new life, y’all! What else would you like to read about from me, regarding our health goals this year?

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