Weight Loss Wednesday

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Welcome again, friends! Are you healthy today?

Again, my Linky subscription is still expired, but I will renew it as soon as I have access to my tax return. Please feel free to leave your update as a comment and/or a link in the comment section! Blessings!

My update for the week is exciting news! Last week, I mentioned that my official weigh-in day had me at no loss from the previous week. I wasn’t sure if I should count that loss or not, but was happy because it’s obvious to me that my base line weight IS dropping.

Imagine my surprise this week when, on weigh-in Monday, the scale read 205.8!! The lowest it’s EVER been! (Well, not ever, but in 12 years, so that’s long enough to be for “ever” to me!) When I married in August of 2001, I weighed 145 or so. By the end of the year, I was over 200 again, having gained back every bit of what I’d lost while engaged. So, I’m not really sure when in there I was ever right at 200, but it happened so fast that it doesn’t really matter.

I weigh less than I’ve weighed since 2001, and even when I weighed it then it was just for a few months. I almost feel like that doesn’t “count” and I can say that I haven’t lived in this body since before my oldest son – who will be 16 next month – was conceived. That’s high school, y’all!! I still have almost 20 pounds to go before I get to actually my heaviest high school weight. After dipping below the 200 mark (my first major goal), my next goal is to see that 185 again!

Okay, I really had planned on sharing more about what I’m doing with Trim Healthy Mama this week, but my excitement over the actual numbers got the best of me and I won’t bore you with a tediously long post. Do watch for the full review probably this week (or possibly next, but this week we have crazy weather that is keeping me home). Do know that I’m attributing this week’s bigger loss to the principles I’ve begun to implement with THM! I’m not doing anything else, and especially not differently than I’ve done all year, so that’s the only variable for me this week.

So! My weight loss update in numbers:

205.8 this week down from an official 209.0 last week is a 3.2 pound loss. (My weigh-in on the day BEFORE it was official was 207.8, so that is still a 2 pound loss and still the most from week to week so far!) I’m down by 10.6 pounds total for the year, since Dec 22, which is 9 weeks. I’m a happy camper!

How are you doing?