Weight Loss Wednesday

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How are you doing with your weight loss and health goals for this year? Remember that any progress is still progress – don’t lose steam now! Here is my update for the week, but – I apologize! –  my LinkyTools subscription has expired and I probably can’t renew it for a week or two. Feel free to leave your links in comments on this post and future posts until I get my subscription renewed. I can’t wait to catch up with you all!

Well, it’s been another fluctuating week for me. On Sunday, the scale read 207.8 – the lowest so far this year at a loss of 1.2 pounds for the week and a total of 9.2 pounds since I started tracking. Then Monday, my official weigh-in day, it disappeared! The scale said 209.0 just like it did last week. Bummer!!! But, at least it means my “base weight” is lowering. Tuesday and Wednesday both, the scale reads 208.6, so that’s probably a more accurate reflection of my actual weight. It’s only a .4 pound loss since last week and puts my journey’s total at 8.4 (I think), but – progress is progress!

The biggest difference for me has been the Monday workouts, plus every other Thursday. That’s really the only exercise I’m getting right now, even though I’ve wanted to work out more days than not. It just hasn’t happened like that. (Of course, my job might count as a workout for me on Mondays, Fridays, and every other Saturday – but that’s how I lost a little weight last year and my body is pretty used to it by now.)

The other thing right now is my diet. I’ve read Trim Healthy Mama and am working on implementing the ideas I learned there into my diet. Last week, I did a “Fuel Cycle,” but I didn’t do the stringent plan they outline in the book. (If you are familiar: I just did 3 “regular” S days, 2 “regular” FP days, and 2 “regular” E days… except the E days didn’t actually work out well and I had a couple of basically crossover meals.) The book says that it will take 3 or 4 months to see any real weight loss with the plan; expect a review from me on this as soon as I feel comfortable with the workings of the plan. (And, probably one later down the line, once I feel I can vouch for its effectiveness.) The biggest part of this for me is lowering carbs and going without as much sugar as usual.

Either way, I feel like my base line weight is lowering because my fluctuations now reach no higher than the numbers they never reached below when I started. Progress is progress! As soon as I can get my hands on some ACE, though, I’ll be doing that. I’d hoped to start this week, but juggling money a big might be more than we can handle for another week or two. Soon though! Look for an update!

How are you doing?

As I said above, my LinkyTools sub has expired. For today’s linkup, please just leave a comment and leave your link in the comment for me. I’ll get the other back up and running as soon as I can! Have a blessed week!


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    That is awesome progress and a wonderful attitude. It didn’t come on over night and it won’t come off over night. I started weight watchers in Jan. As of yesterday I was 13 pounds lighter. However today was my weigh in and I was only 12 pounds lighter. Meaning that my total weight loss so far is 12 pounds. I have added in exercise. I have been doing the daily burn and walking each day. However, I took a fall on Sunday and I think tomorrow I will be ready to get back to business of exercising again. I have heard of the Trim Healthy Momma. However, some of the ingredients sound foreign to me and in a way I am scared to try them. I have a heard great things about the changes people have made with it. So I hope it works well with you.
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    • dalynnrmc says

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I appreciate it! I haven’t found any foreign ingredients with THM – maybe one or two things I hadn’t heard of or used before (glucomannan being the main one), but most of the ‘recipes’ are very, VERY simple, to the point that I find it a little bit silly to include them. Really – take a look! I plan to post a full review this week or maybe next week. Congrats on your loss so far! Blessings!