Weight Loss Wednesday

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Hello, all you healthy, beautiful people! How are you doing with this year’s goals so far? I apologize for completely forgetting to post last week. I did post a quick update in my Friday Fellowship linkup, so you can check there if you missed it. Feel free to link up twice this week if you missed Friday’s linkup (or even if you got in there also) and have a post from last week that could use some love.


My Update

This week’s update from me is a bit discouraging, so I want to preface it by stating that FIRST of all, this is my threshhold that I haven’t gotten past since before my 11-year-old son was born. SECOND of all, this is the week that normally I would’ve gained 5 pounds because of my cycle. I actually started last week, so I was excited and thought that maybe I should’ve gained that 5 pounds the week before. Instead, I gained back the pound and a half I’d lost. Discouraging numbers – right back to 212.6 and only a 4 pound loss – but since I should’ve gained 5 pounds, I think the pound and a half might be just fine. We shall see what happens next week!

I’m going to tweak my diet just a bit. Id on’t think the gluten fast is enough for me, and I’m definitely going to start limiting sugar. I’m going to start by cutting those things out completely, and as I get a sweet tooth I’m going to try the new recipes from Trim Healthy Mama. Look for that review soon as I just finished reading it, but I want to go back and get a good hold of the diet and get at least a few weeks on the plan in before I post.


As promised, I want to tell you what I’m doing about fitness! I was inspired to include exercise and fitness in my ultimate plan for weight loss this year after reading The Daniel Plan; I included a mini review of that in one of the first Weight Loss Wednesday linkups.

To start, some of the ladies that attend our home fellowship group every other week agreed to start meeting on the opposite weeks for exercise. Quickly, it was decided that every other week wouldn’t be often enough, so we are also meeting on every Monday (in addition to every other Thursday). We have used a few DVD’s together so far, and I hope to bring you reviews on new ones in these series as well as finding a few more to include:

  • Leslie Sansone: Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan – this one is our favorite! It’s mostly “walking” or what you might think of as a step class. Walk forward, backward, side to side, plenty of arm movements, and a great warmup and cooldown. There are 5 different “miles” to do – it’s a 12 minute mile – and a different combination each day, or create your own! This one is tons of fun and I hope to obtain some of these for myself. If I do, I’ll do a full review!
  • Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2– yeah, I know! But it’s fun, it’s not all skinny people, they all mess up from time to time – even Richard! It’s a slower pace than the walks, basically the same moves, and a longer workout. And doing it with a church group makes it easy to let go and laugh at anything that might be borderline offensive. (There aren’t many things, and nothing huge, anyway.)
  • Zumba – one of the ladies has a Zumba DVD that I couldn’t find on Amazon. I’ll get more information on this one; we’ve only done it once so far. It’s fun, but a little more difficult. I want to keep doing it, though, because it DOES lead you to a dance and I think it would be fun to learn to do these dances in workout format like this. It includes Mambo, Salsa, Tango, Flamenco, and more. So much fun! Definitely the hardest technique one I’ve used, though.
  • Shazzy Fitness: In the Beginning– this is one I’m using on my own at home. They got the name “Shazzy” from the Daniel story! I owe these sweet folks a review, so look for that this month for sure! This is a Christian group, dancing to Christian hip-hop music. It’s a dance workout, and so much fun! It was easy enough to pick up after the first watch, and it’s encouraging all the way through because she tells you you’re doing great but also the praise to the Lord is motivational for me.
  • Bike Riding – no, this isn’t a DVD and no, I haven’t actually started doing this yet. Hubby has promised to ride bikes with me on Tuesdays, but with his mother in the hospital that hasn’t happened yet. It will, though, and I’m hoping we’ll both enjoy it enough to go ahead and purchase bikes for ourselves with tax return. (All the kids got bikes for Christmas.) It’s one of those things I remember really enjoying, would love doing with my hubby, and think would motivate me to actually get moving.

What all are you including in your plan for fitness? Don’t forget to share the linkup, and visit the others!