Weight Loss Goals 2014

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Do you have weight loss goals for this year? We know that when making weight loss goals, we should try to stay realistic and to break it down into bite-sized parts. Make your goals attainable and measurable so that you can keep yourself accountable.

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My weight loss goals for the year have been the same for several years in a row. You see, I’m one who struggles with fluctuating weight all through the year. I’ll lose quite a bit, but then I’ll gain it all back. So, contrary to the way it seems, it’s not that I haven’t done or haven’t attained or haven’t kept track. It’s simply that my metabolism is such – and has always been – that I will gain back what I lose.

I’ve finally come to the place in life where I realize that this means I should work harder during the season where my metabolism is leaning towards the ability for me to lose weight, so that I can easier maintain my weight when I have a tendency to gain it back. If I gain some back during that season, it’s okay if I lost enough weight before that so that I don’t just end up where I was in the first place. Because I’m familiar enough with my body to know that I just have seasons where I will gain weight, and that my weight will fluctuate because that’s just how I’m built, I’m okay with gaining some back. Some – not all.

Last year, I posted that I wanted to be 175 pounds before my anniversary in August. That would’ve required me to lose 40 pounds in 7 months; my anniversary is August 6. I posted that I weighed around 214.2 pounds. It looks like the least recorded weight I put out there was 206.6 and that was some time in Feburary. I’m slightly heavier now than I was last year, by about 10 pounds. As of the writing of this post (Monday Feb 3) I weigh 223.4 pounds. But as you’ll see in the picture at the bottom, by the time this post went live on Thursday the 6th, the scale says 221.4 pounds – 2 pounds lost in just under a week, which is about how it’s gone on ACE!

That said, I’ve lost 20 pounds since Thanksgiving, partly due to my taking ACE and partly due to a temporary change in diet that I”ll post about next week. I do hope and plan for this temporary change to lead to some permanently better choices.

Weight Loss Goals

  • My first goal is to get under the 200 pound mark, which I haven’t been since before my now-10-year-old son was born. With a guess of around a 5 pound loss per month on average, it will take me almost 5 months to reach that goal. I should be under 200 pounds before the end of June by that calculation. Except for the fact that I’ve already mentioned my seasons that I’m more likely to lose versus those where I’m more likely to lose. I honestly think I will reach this point much earlier and would hope to do so by the end of April.
  • My second goal usually has to do with my anniversary, simply because it’s a fixed date and one where I like to dress up and look nice for my husband. Last year I wanted to hit 175 by this point, but I’m starting out a month late and 10 pounds behind. I’m also doing more drastic things to lose weight than I was last year, when I was basically just hoping to move my body more often and trying to eat less at each meal. I’d like to leave this goal the same, but I will be happy with 185 at this point.
  • My third goal is my ultimate goal for the year. All said, I’d be totally happy with the 175 as an average weight. (I know that sounds high.) Really, I’d like for that to be the most I ever see on the scale year-round. In order for that to be reality, I’d likely need to lose so that I weigh closer to 150 by the end of the year. Folks, that’s almost 100 pounds from where I started. I’ll go through seasons of gain before the end of next year when I’ll hit another season of loss again. Right now, from where I’m sitting, it sounds like too much. I want to make this my goal, but… well, just “but.”

A Plan of Action

So how do I plan to achieve these weight loss goals this year? I told you that I’m taking ACE. So far, my average loss on this is about 10 pounds per month. Yes, I know! It sounds like a lot! I think that at least in part, I can’t attribute all of my loss to just this pill. Partly, it’s the time of year when I usually lose weight. Partly, we’ve made some changes in our diet that I’m sure help.

So. I plan to take ACE for at least 6 consecutive months as is recommended.

ACE2 weight loss goals

I plan to continue with the healthier habits I’ve learned in our new year diet experiment. That includes fewer processed foods, and my standard for that will be to check and see if something has added corn or wheat/gluten products in it. We aren’t going to go completely gluten free or corn free, but if products are made with these unnecessary things added in, we can probably find a healthier alternative.

All of that, and our new homeschool fitness curriculum to boot. Don’t hold me to this one, though. (YIKES no stone-throwing, either!!) It’s a new thing for us to have a curriculum for health and fitness, but it’s much needed and much anticipated in our home this year. I’m thankful to have won this curriculum and will look into it over this month so that we can implement it starting at least after Spring Break.

Also, my husband is actively doing some things on his own, to improve his own health, for his own reasons. It’always easier with a buddy, and I know it’s been easier on him to be motivated to do what he’s doing since we are all doing what we have been so far this year.

One thing I hope, and you can join me in prayer for, is that he and I can add a walk. At least weekly, I’d like to take a walk, just he and I, as something to help our physical fitness, our marital and emotional fitness, and even our spiritual fitness as a married couple. We’ll walk to help our walk. Um, when it warms up some outside. Sorry folks, I’m not walking in 20 degree weather! Or 40 degrees, either. Or 90 degrees. Just saying. (Okay, well… maybe 90 degrees tops. 92 maybe. Honestly, if he’s walking with me, I’ll bet I’m not so picky about the temperature.)

Staying Accountable

In order to keep accountable with my weight loss goals, I plan to post monthly about my progress. I made this promise last year, but became discouraged because I wasn’t showing any actual weight loss. This year, I have an actual plan of action and am excited to share with you as I continue to lose, and I plan to analyze what I’m doing differently during the months when I may not lose or even gain.

FEB weight

Behind the scenes, I’m going to take my measurements so I can report inches lost as well as actual weight. Sorry ladies, but I’m not posting the beginning numbers. I’ll just let you know the totals, mmkay?? I’ll plan to take a picture of my scale, as intimidating as that sounds. (Like my toenails? See my review on Saturday!) I’m already sharing the actual numbers, and have done so in the past. I believe in honesty being the best policy, and the pictures show the truth of it. I want you to be motivated and not allow doubts to get in the way of losing weight!

Would you be interested in linking up with me to stay accountable on your goals this year? Or might you be interested in joining me in a Facebook small group or Google Hangout to stay accountable to one another? Please leave me a comment (your email would be helpful, or facebook, or however you’d prefer my contacting you) and let me know if there is interest in some sort of community contact regarding our weight loss goals this year. I’d love to help and bless others as I walk through this, if there is any way that I can do so.


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    One of the ways I get some exercise in is with Fit2B. It is online fitness videos. The lady who runs it is super sweet and a Christian. She never pushes you past your limit and while I haven’t lost much weight, I lost 3 inches off my waist! She also has an awesome fb group where the ladies really encourage each other. It is also a month by month thing- $10 so it is really affordable! Best wishes as you try to lose weight and get healthier. 🙂

    • dalynnrmc says

      Sounds great! I will have to look it up – that’s exactly the sort of business I like to promote here on the blog. Thanks for letting me know! Have a blessed week!

  2. says

    I am working on this too. I lost 20 lbs last year – just by cutting down on grains (almost cutting them out) and eating more fruits and vegetables. I haven’t maintained that too well, because it requires being very intentional and focused. But I want to lose the last 20 before September (when we travel to the States). It’s totally do-able for me…I just need to DO it. And I planned to this week….and did okay, but not good.
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  3. Mary Jo says

    Wanted to find some way to say, I love you and appreciated the warm hug today. I so miss you and others, but am trying to take this being out carefully. You are special & fun. MJ