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Our most recent review is from UnLock Math and they have granted us a year’s access to their program UnLock Algebra 2 for the purposes of review. Christian, my oldest and a high school senior, has done his very best with this program, and feels that many other students can benefit greatly from it.

UnLock Math
UnLock Math is a complete homeschool Algebra 2 program with video instruction (designed for middle-to-early-high school students) and available downloadable text and diagrams designed to assist the student in mastery of every step in the process.

The way this program works is that the student clicks to  unlock a chapter, and then clicks to enter. From there, they choose a lesson in order. Every chapter has 5 or 10 lessons, plus quizzes along the way, a review, and then a chapter test. Within the lesson, the place to start is the warm-up. This consists of 5-15 questions that tests what the student already knows.

The next part of the lesson is the instructional video. Alesia keeps the students engaged. The videos are about 5-10 minutes long, some a little longer or shorter. This is perfect in my opinion because it’s long enough to teach the concept but not so long that the kids get bored and stop paying attention.

Next comes the practice problems. The kids do real math and have to enter their answer in the textbox; there’s no multiple choice questions here. Some of these questions might be word problems; there are always 20 questions in this section. Not too many, not too few! We did discover that the graphing questions didn’t work correctly on our tablet. Everything else seemed to work just fine, but even with a standard browser on the tablet, the graphing questions wouldn’t register correctly and we had to move to the desktop.

UnLock Math

After the practice comes the “Stay Sharp” section with another 25 questions which cover everything from the chapter so far comprehensively. Again, some of these might be word problems, and the kids are doing real math and not picking from a list of answers.

Last comes the Challenge; this is a single word problem that is harder than the rest but should be considered a bonus. This is sometimes math which hasn’t been covered yet. It can be skipped, and can be controlled with different preferential settings in the parent board. Every two or three lessons, there’s a quiz off to the right hand side in the student view. This quiz is a quick, 5-question review of just the most recently completed lessons.

After the lessons and quizzes have been completed, there’s a review. The chapter review is longer to cover everything, and then comes the chapter test which is shorter and is graded. The program does the grading for you and keeps track of all of that in the parent dashboard.

Due to the nature of algebra, Christian takes about 30-40 minutes per individual lesson. He feels that the videos are geared toward a slightly younger audience than 18-year-old seniors, but that the information is nevertheless conveyed in a clear, concise manner.

This is a very well put-together program and I feel like anyone who needs plenty of practice or is an audio/visual learner will do fantastically with it! You can connect with UnLock Math on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Crew reviews!


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