It’s a Tupperware Party! $20 Tupperware Giveaway

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It’s time for another Tupperware Party! Don’t worry – this is the virtual kind, so you don’t have to be near me to attend. The party is being run mostly on this Facebook Events page, between now and June 12. We will also hold a virtual party event online, on that page, on Thursday June 12, at 8:30pm Central.


Virtual Tupperware Party

Do you remember my last Tupperware party? We wanted to give away $50 in Tupperware, if I was able to get an order from every state. We didn’t even come close, sadly. This time, the prize will be run a little differently. Anyone who attends the Facebook Event, or who places an order, will earn points towards winning a $20 Tupperware gift certificate! Doesn’t that sound exciting? Anyone is eligible!

But don’t feel like you have to wait until the event to check out the page. Melinda will be posting specials and features up until the event. Some of the sales end on May 30th, which is this week! Other sales end on June 13, so that is why we are holding the event on June 12. Do feel free to place your order before then; the party itself will basically be your last chance to place an order as we will turn it all in the next day to make sure everyone gets the right credits.

So browse the site, place an order if you wish (or you can wait for the party). Come to Facebook and ask any question you might have, and just get to know myself, Melinda, and the other guests. Then attend the Facebook Virtual Party Event at 8:30pm Central – it’s almost like attending an actual Tupperware Party, except it’s online, you can wear your jammies, and we don’t care how loud your kids are – and see what fun and surprises Melinda has in store for us!

Who will be joining us? Can’t wait!!


    • dalynnrmc says

      I’ll ask Melinda on Facebook. Probably, she will announce the winner at the conclusion of the online facebook event on Thursday, June 12. So, if you’re at the party and don’t mind waiting until after the announcement of the winner to place your order, then I’d wait. 🙂 Most likely, placing an order will earn you points TOWARDS winning, but don’t hold me to that. Up to you! And I will check with Melinda. 🙂