Today is Time for Change

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This isn’t something I talk about hardly ever, but… much of the time, I don’t feel great, and I hurt. Mostly it’s my back that hurts, but my legs can hurt often too. Mostly I’ve blamed it on a back injury from a car accident high school, plus bad beds. Sometimes my head bothers me, used to be more often than it has in the last bit since I’ve been back on blood pressure medications. I have seriously high blood pressure and have since I was probably about 12 (the first time we caught it high).

All that said, and keep in mind that I’m a massage therapist and proponent of natural methodologies where it makes sense, but I’m not gung-ho on all things natural (re: the blood pressure meds). I do understand body issues, largely BECAUSE I’ve always dealt with this.

I’m getting to a diet connection here; I promise!

fall veggies

Today I’m feeling badly. I’m lethargic, tired, nauseous, have a bit of a head hurt (not really a headache like I know them, just a fuzziness or swollenness, I dunno) and my right arm hurts. It hurts like in my forearm, with pain like arthritis. It hurts in my hand like it’s swollen and tingly, and up my upper arm too.

Today I feel much like I’ve felt often in the past several years: lazy. My head is fuzzy. I’m tired. I hurt. But it’s not a serious thing. It’s not a doctor issue (not that much IS in my book :laugh: ), and it’s not anything I can pinpoint. Because of what the Lord has shown and been teaching me over the past few years, I’ve come to see more lazy tendencies in myself than I’d care to admit. At the same time, I’ve come to recognize some of this as actual, physical issues that I deal with. BOTH things are true, if that makes sense.

Today, I understand why it’s easy for me to be lazy.


Today, I also see a connection with diet. We did a complicated elimination diet at the beginning of the year, largely for gluten but also several other things. The conclusion was that I need to purchase ingredients without added corn – cornbread or tortillas not being what I mean, but things which DO have corn that SHOULDN’T. Corn is a bigger trigger for me and some of the kids than gluten was.

But today, I feel the pain of how we’ve been eating since tax return came in on Wednesday. Gluten? Yes, probably. Corn, almost certainly.

I haven’t felt this way in WEEKS.

I have a new bed. (YAY!! Praise God for He is our Provider!!!) My blood pressure is not high. (146 over 88 is pretty derned good as far as my readings are concerned. Definitely not high enough to make me feel badly.) I ate (leftover) bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers for lunch. Not the best maybe, but probably the best meal I’ve eaten in several days. Lots of Dr. Pepper, but not any more than has been the usual, even for this year.

Today, I recognize how important to my energy, to my health, to my house, to my FAMILY it is that I eat right.

Today, I’m done with this. It’s time for a change.



  1. Carol Emmert says

    I’m seconding Kemi’s words! You CAN do this. This time of year can be a stretch because the Spring produce isn’t out yet, but I know I also need to get me act together and choose the right things to eat every day.

    One thing I do to drink more water, is add a little fruit juice, maybe an ounce of juice in an 8 oz glass of water. It helps it to not always be the same thing, water, water, water…

    Are you getting enough B’s?

    Praying for you!

    • dalynnrmc says

      Thanks Carol! I don’t really know what I’m getting enough of and not (except, definitely NOT enough water… ugh). It’s kind of been progressive over the last couple of years. Some of it could be spiritual, but those things are coming off and doing BETTER. I dunno, just… time to “wake up” kind of season, I think. The new and better diet is definitely part of that. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • dalynnrmc says

      Thanks Kemi! I need to just stop drinking soda altogether, and I’ve come to realize that tea isn’t a viable option for me. Soda tears up my stomach, but tea gives me heartburn – often rather quickly, too. I really, really need to learn to drink water. Praying for the Lord to change my tastes enough to LIKE it. (Yeah, I know.) But yes, I would love to do more smoothies and even start juicing… but it’s down the road a bit, I think. Thanks for your encouragement! Blessings!