T’is the Season

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To my wonderful blog readers and followers – I hope that you are having a blessed season as we come to the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

cross-leafI wanted to post just as a heads-up as to the track my blogging and writing will be following over the next few weeks. We tend to be extremely busy this time of year, as I’m sure many of you are! I still have a few posts to get up to let you know about some great gift options that you should be able to find locally (and not have to worry about ordering online and it arriving in time for Christmas), so keep an eye out for that! I will publish those as soon as I can, and plan to publish more than one post per day as often as I can. They might not be regular, but I’ll get them all out to you as I have the chance to sit and to write.

We are also preparing in my home for a new season of a different sort. The Lord leads us always, and the past couple of years have been a struggle. We know that the Lord is leading us to a new sort of season, and that this time of trial will be over soon. We can see the light on the horizon, and know the Lord is holding us and guiding us towards it. He has plans for our good, to prosper us and not to harm us, and so much more. We cannot fathom His love for us!

Some things we’ll be doing differently in the new year, both in our family and homeschool, and on this blog:

  • Housekeeping is taking a higher priority than it has, in preparation for the Lord’s provision of a new home.
  • Training (retraining) my kids in this is a big part of the priority, and takes time, which I may usually have spent at the computer.
  • Nutrition will also take a forefront role in our home. Fitness and health standards need to change.
  • I’m launching an essential oils, aromatherapy, and massage website in conjunction with my businesses. Watch for it!
  • My oldest son is launching his own technology review site, even as we speak. A teen talks about technology and entertainment from a Christian worldview! You’ll want to keep your eyes open for that official launch soon as well.
  • I’ll be including more homeschooling posts in the new year, both from our experiences and daily life as well as reviews via the TOS Review Crew and my own reviewing relationships.
  • I’ll be working on starting a newsletter! If you are signed up with me via MailChimp, then you probably aren’t getting emails! Look for a post to announce and clarify how all of this will be working starting in January.
  • I plan to write and publish several eBooks in the coming year, mostly nonfiction, faith-based teachings.

I hope that you’ll enjoy what I have in store for my readers through this blog in the coming year! I’d love to hear your feedback, and comments are always welcome and appreciated. If there’s something you’d like to see on this site, a topic about which you’d like faith teachings to read, information about any subject within my areas of knowledge – please let me know! I’d love to hear your suggestions. After all, this blog is only worth something if it’s worth something to my readers. Thank you for reading!

Look for a “new year, new beginnings” type post, hopefully with my (and/or my family’s) “Word of the Year” thoughts and goals. What are some of your thoughts and goals for the upcoming year? Is there something the Lord is leading you to grow in or to do?

Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!