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My teen has grown up in church and has a decent foundation, but is at the point in his life where he has a need to develop a deeper relationship with his Savior. It’s hard to motivate a teen in any area of life, but Prasso Ministries is helping us in this area with their teen Bible curriculum. We were sent for the purpose of review the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual along with the accompanying Homework Manual, and Christian has been using this teen Bible curriculum for over a month now. Here are our thoughts on the program, and why I’m recommending this for a teen at any stage of their spiritual journey.

Teen Bible Curriculum

Teen Bible Curriculum

“Prasso” is a Greek word that means to repeatedly, continually, and habitually practice. We received the physical format of both the TM and the Student Homework Manual, in a spiral bound book. The books are very nice; the covers are sturdy and I love the spiral bound format especially in a workbook. My boys are rough on consumables, and the spiral really helps!

The way this teen Bible curriculum is set up is that the teacher is supposed to read the lesson at the beginning of the week. The lesson is broken down into 3 parts, and there is an outline to help break it down in case you want to skip portions or plan ahead for any supplements you  might enjoy. The student book has daily questions to answer, for 5 days and then a review day. On day 6 there are also questions for group discussion.

It looks to me like it’s set up best to use for a group of teens. The teacher would read the lesson during Sunday School time (or some such group gathering), and the students are left to do the homework on their own. Then you start the next session with group discussion from the last lesson, because the kids have had a chance to deepen their walk with it all week.

But, as homeschoolers, we don’t really have the opportunity to use it that way. My 16-year-old son says that he doesn’t think that his middle school brother would be ready to use the set on his own. He says that he may could handle it if we did this as a family study, in a group format. But the way we used this study was simply that my teenager read the lesson himself and completed the workbook at his own pace. It’s working for him, and he likes it enough that he plans to finish the entire study instead of setting it down now that we’ve posted our review on it.

Deepening the Spiritual Walk

At first, Christian was a little annoyed at this teen Bible curriculum because he felt that it was too basic. He’s grown up in church, he’d said, and he already knows these things! But as the study moves forward, he found that it started at a very basic spot and walked him deeper into an understanding of not just who God is, but more about how Christianity is supposed to be about relationship and not just belief.

The first lesson is mostly about who God is and that He exists. The next lesson is more about salvation and why we have a need for a Savior. It takes the kids from those basic truths, and walks them in to heart convictions to see if they are truly living out what they say they believe or if they are trying to just piggy-back or inherit their parents’ faith. Because of this truth, I really think that this teen Bible curriculum would be great for a teenager at any point in their spiritual journey. It’s got the basic things that even a kid who’d never been exposed to Christ would need to hear, and at the same time has the ability to convict even a good, moral “church kid.”

The reason Christian is anticipating finishing this teen Bible curriculum is because he feels that with every single lesson in the text, he is gaining a deeper understanding of not only what he believes but how to live it out. Week 3 had some pretty convicting material in it just based on reactions to situations. Is your attitude a testimony to what you say you believe? It was very convicting for him. Week 4 is tools on how to change anything you think God would have you to change. It’s bringing about that change in my teenager, praise God!

As of right now, you can get the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual, which yes, is completely necessary to do the program, for $35 on the website. The Teen Prasso Homework Manual costs $15 and is consumable, so you’ll need one for every teen who plans to participate. There are adult varieties available as well, and we might consider utilizing their Class Bundle to do in our home fellowship in the fall. They also have it available online for $20 right now!

We’ve enjoyed reviewing this teen Bible curriculum and I’d recommend it for anyone who needs to help get the basics from the head of a teen (or adult) down and into their hearts. You can connect with Prasso on Facebook, and don’t forget to check out the other Crew reviews!

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