Christian Business Day 5 – Black Friday

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tupperware black friday

For today’s Christian Business post, I’d like to ask you to consider supporting ME. I have several affiliations with an array of companies and private businesses, and it would be a blessing to my family for you to consider using my links if you plan to make a purchase. I’ll feature my own business below, […]

Microwave Cooking

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microwave cooking

I’ve not ever really considered myself an expert in microwave cooking, but I’ve grown up around Tupperware and microwave cooking is all I knew how to do for a long time. It was just natural for me, because my mother sold Tupperware (as I do now), and that’s part of what that company teaches people. […]

12 Minute Microwave Cake

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microwave cake

I’ve done this all my life, but I hadn’t realized that my kids – and my husband – had no idea that you can make a cake in the microwave! In just 12 minutes, we have a yummy microwave cake in any flavor we want. It’s easy, with just 3 ingredients. Seriously! This is something […]

Biblical Womanhood: Keeping Home

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keeping home

I hope you’re enjoying the Biblical Womanhood launch series! Keeping home is a major part of life and womanhood, and it’s discussed in the Bible to help us learn and grow. Evenso, it’s not always a favorite activity; in fact, many of us loathe the individual tasks involved (including me)! Accountability is a big part […]

Tupperware Party and FLASH Giveaway!

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Tupperware Giveaway

Hello, my wonderful friends and readers! Thanks for your patience recently – I’ve been recovering from what the doctor has called “overuse tendonitis” in my wrist. I’m a massage therapist part-time out of the home, so it’s been a big deal here lately. Prayers are appreciated even still as I recover. But tonight we are […]