Supercharged {Homeschool} Science

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homeschool science

I am really awful at teaching homeschool science, and am so thankful for the TOS Crew and the chance to do reviews like this one so we can find what works for us. If you’ve been falling me for any amount of time, you are already aware that science is my downfall. In order for […]

Captivated the Movie Review

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Are you captivated by today’s technology? Has Facebook taken you captive and caused you to believe the lie that you are being social, even though it’s all surface and no real relationship? I received a Captivated DVD from Media Talk 101 through the Schoolhouse Review Crew for the purpose of review, and let me just […]

Spelling Program from Math-U-See

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spelling program

If you have ever wished that the makers of Math-U-See would come out with a spelling program, then you will be thrilled to hear that it is true! MUS has a spelling program! I received for the purpose of review two full levels of the new spelling program from MUS, titled Spelling You See. (And, […]

Kinderbach: Beginning Piano

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Beginning Piano

Beginning piano programs and sorting through them all can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to even know what should be taught and how early to start your beginning piano students. KinderBach is a beginning piano program easily usable in homeschool available online that is for approximate grade levels of kindergarten through second grade. We were […] Review

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Holes in your curriculum. Delays in shipping. Something in hand isn’t working for your kids. The same curriculum you used last year is now a disaster. Curriculum works but it’s dry and your kids are bored senseless; you and/or your kids are ready for some unique electives.. Things are great but you need a little […]