Ear Warmers from By the Light

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caleb ears

Finally, the cool weather is arriving! We need to keep our ears warm! It’s not cold yet here in central Texas, but it will be soon! It doesn’t really get cold enough here for heavy coats, or bundling up in scarves and boots and gloves and hoods. I do like to keep my fingers warm, […]

VeggieTales New Release!

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VeggieTales has a new release video that just came out, titled The Little House That Stood. My kiddos love VeggieTales and are always excited to see and obtain new ones! I’ve known for a while that ownership of VT changed several years ago, and with the ownership change they also seemed to get away from […]

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers

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Watch for my upcoming review on a fun preschool video, Rachel and the Treeschoolers! Coming to you as soon as my twin toddlers are over the croup enough to participate a little better, and take pictures without red eyes and yucky noses. I appreciate being given an extension on this review through Tomoson! Since I’ve […]

Fuzzle Family Felt Toys Fun!

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fuzzle family felt

Earlier this month, I posted a review of a great printable handwriting set by Gentle Shepherd (see that post HERE), and I mentioned that she also carries patterns for felt toys. This week we have had a blast playing with the Fuzzle Family felt toys! I received for the purpose of review, an entire Fuzzle […]