Christian Fellowship Friday

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Hello, faithful friends! How have you been this week? There’s a lot going on here as we prepare for spring, and for Spring Break! Don’t forget to share the linkup and visit, share, comment, and “like” the post before yours. Have a blessed weekend! Here are my Random 5 for this week: We are going […]

Birthday Giveaway

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birthday giveaway

It’s my birthday this month and I want to give YOU a gift! I’ll be 34 years old this year, so I want to give away a gift card worth $34 to your choice of either KMart or Amazon. Happy birthday to ME! If you would like to bless me for my birthday, please enter […]

Today’s Amazon Deals

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Here are today’s Amazon deals! I would appreciate some comments as to whether you’d like me to continue posting these deals or not. These links are affiliate links, so if you click them and purchase that product or any others, I will make a percentage. Thanks for your support! It means I can keep bringing […]

Today’s Amazon Deals and Shop Your Way

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Amazon Lightning Deals can disappear in a flash. So, use this list to plan ahead. Check the product description and reviews. If the item is something you need, set your reminder and come back when it is time to check out. I’ve checked all of the deals through Shop Your Way which covers all of […]

Find the Best Deals

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If you’re like me, you’re looking for the best deals on kids’ Christmas items this year. Amazon always has some fantastic lightening deals! I’d like to highlight those for you, as well as let you know when you can get just as great of a deal (or better!) by using me as your Personal Shopper […]