Physics 101 – Homeschool Science for High School

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I probably don’t need to remind you that I’m not a science person and we’ve always struggled in that area in our homeschool. The 101 Series is a homeschool science program for high school and/or middle school, and I’m happy to bring you this review of their Physics 101 program! I have a high school […]

Apologia Astronomy – Elementary Homeschool Science Review

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It’s amazing how often I say that if you read this blog, you already know that science just isn’t my thing. So when a review came available for the number one recommended elementary homeschool science resource, I really was stoked to bring you my own experience and opinion of the renowned Apologia Educational Ministries by […]

Science Shepherd Review

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I don’t do well teaching science, and I never have; co-ops and scouting groups have been a staple in our home for pretty much our entire homeschooling career. I’d heard wonderful things about Science Shepherd so I was happy to have the chance to review it! We received an online subscription to Introductory Science as […]

Eat Your Science Homework!

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It’s no secret on this blog that having to teach my kids science is the bane of my homeschooling existence, but once again thanks to the wonderful Review Crew, we’ve had the opportunity to review an amazing supplemental resource! Let me have the pleasure of introducing to you Ann McCallum Books and the wonderful “Eat […]

Fascinating Education Physics Review

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If you read here on this blog at all, you know that I am NOT a science person and we need lots of outside help to get science done in our homeschool. Fascinating Education is a company we’ve come to rely on for just that! We had the pleasure of reviewing for them last year, […]