A Reader and A Homemaker

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Time for a reading update, and all I’ve been reading lately are books out of The Homemaker’s Mentor library! I’m telling you – I’m inspired, motivated, and convicted all at once. Do these count as reading full books? Maybe not, at least not all of them. Some of them are short reads, around 5-7 pages. […]

Reading and Watching

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homeschool books

My goal has been to read a book a week this year, and to post reviews of those books here on the website every Wednesday. I’m not doing very well with that goal at all. I have been reading some, though, and wanted to give a brief update on some of the short eBooks I’ve […]

Ministry of Motherhood: A Review

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I’ve just finished reading The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson, which I received for the purpose of review from Blogging for Books by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers – one of the outlets I joined in order to have access to some great books and to let my readers know what’s new out there! I really […]

Your Daily Bible Verse

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Through my partnership with Tomoson, I received for the purpose of review a book entitled Your Daily Bible Verse by Rachelle Ayala. This book is a fantastic collection of verses which match up numerically to the day on which they are assigned. You can look up the verse for your birthday or the birthdays of friends […]

Back to School – Middle Ages Reading List

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Book List

I’ve worked out our reading list for the elementary boys finally! (I think!) What do you think about our list? It’s been compiled from several lists, including our curriculum and other popular literature curriculum lists I was able to find online, as well as from Tanglewood – a free list and curriculum plan similar to […]