ABC’s of Preschool Skills: Printables for D and E

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I hope you are enjoying the free preschool skills printables for this series! I apologize for not posting last week; it’s been nuts here! But here are the printables for both letters for this week. Please let me know that you are downloading and using these printables by commenting below, and please share this post […]

ABC’s of Preschool Skills: C is for Circles

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Hello preschool mommies! I hope you’ve had a blessed week! Are you ready for this week’s printable on circles? I’m enjoying creating these printables, and my twins are loving doing them! I’ll see about putting up some pictures with them doing the previous ones next week. Are you enjoying them? How are you using them? […]

ABC’s of Preschool Skills: B is for Blue

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Hello, moms of preschoolers! Did you enjoy last week’s freebies? I hope you grabbed the Above/Below and After/Before printables (or you can get them now), and I pray that you will enjoy this week’s printable pack as well. Please remember that I am new to printables and would love any and all feedback on these! […]

The ABC’s of Preschool Skills: A is for After and Above

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I’m thrilled to be rejoining a new round of Blogging Through the Alphabet, hosted by Marcy at Ben & Me! This round, I’ll be presenting preschool printables for the younger ones in your home (and mine). I will create an index of preschool skills covered as well as a series to give you quick access […]