Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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With all the resources I’ve collected in our 9+ years of homeschooling, sometimes I find that I don’t have quite the right resource for what we need in a given week. That’s why I was happy to review an Individual Membership at Super Teacher Worksheets so we could have access to their 100’s of pages! […]

FREE Minecraft-Themed Math Worksheets Your Kids Will Love

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Do your Minecraft kids need some encouragement to practice math? I know that my kids love Minecraft and that anything with that theme is bound to get more attention from them. How about a quick addition refresher before going back to school? Even better, it’s free from Educents! Download Multi Taskin’ Mom’s FREE Minecraft Themed […]

How to Blogstorm

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blogstorm organize

“What’s a blogstorm,” you say? Well, I’m glad you asked! A blogstorm is what I’ve done to organize my content ideas and save me so much time in managing this blog that it’s almost unbelievable! You see, I’m a super busy mom. I have 5 kids, including 4 year old twins, and homeschool all of […]

How To Study the Bible

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We all know that studying the Bible is an important thing to do. But do you know how to study the Bible? Studying is important, and reading is important, but – what’s the difference? How do you get more meaning from scripture than just the surface story? Is there more than one way to study […]

ABC’s of Preschool Skills: F (front) and G (green) printables

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I apologize for having missed last week and being late this week with the preschool printables! We are still moving into a new groove (with my having taken a part-time job), but the kinks are getting worked out pretty quickly. I hope you enjoy this week’s printables! Also, I have created an INDEX page for […]