WordsBright ABC Book Review

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Wordsbright ABC book

Because we have preschoolers in the house, we are always on the lookout for fun ways to incorporate letters and reading study into our day. WordsBright blessed us with the opportunity to receive their new book S is for Smiling Sunrise for the purpose of review. Overall, it’s a cute ABC Book with great pictures! […]

Firmly Planted – A Family Bible Study

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family bible study

While we are super active at church and are always discussing the things of the Lord in front of and with our children, even running a home fellowship group twice monthly, we have not had a specific method of studying Bible in our homeschool for quite a time now. I was excited by the opportunity […]

La La Logic Preschool

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lalalogic caleb

My twins are almost 5 years old and are showing an interest in starting to do some school-type things, so it was my pleasure to receive for the purpose of review a subscription to the Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic through the Schoolhouse Review Crew! So many online sites out there are geared towards preschoolers, […]

First Start Reading by Memoria Press

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First Start Reading

We had the pleasure of receiving for review the First Start Reading program from Memoria Press. The program is geared to about the 1st-grade level, but I thought my twins could probably handle a beginning phonics program. The program is supposed to be a combination of phonics, handwriting, and reading, with a focus on good handwriting […]

IXL Math and Language Arts

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IXL review

Sometimes it’s challenging to make a subject interesting or tailor it to your child’s learning style needs. We’ve been utilizing for review a great website that offers both math and language arts as a fun way to practice and reinforce concepts. IXL offers an online math practice supplement for ages preschool through 12th grade (pr-calculus) […]