Biblical Womanhood: Keeping Home

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keeping home

I hope you’re enjoying the Biblical Womanhood launch series! Keeping home is a major part of life and womanhood, and it’s discussed in the Bible to help us learn and grow. Evenso, it’s not always a favorite activity; in fact, many of us loathe the individual tasks involved (including me)! Accountability is a big part […]

Lord Heritage – HomeSchool Office

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Lord Heritage

If you have trouble organizing and need an online solution, then you should look into HomeSchool Office by Lord Heritage. We received a year’s subscription for the purpose of review. What drew me most to this product was the P.O.W.E.R. strategy and outright Christian approach to homeschool management. A win with a Christian company! Praise […]

2014 Goals

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goals 2014 resolution

I stopped making resolutions several years ago. I make goals, and I’ve realized that it’s just a list without a plan of action to go with it. Here are some of my goals for this year. Get My House Clean I’ve created a daily chore list, broken down by focus room for the day and […]