T’is the Season

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To my wonderful blog readers and followers – I hope that you are having a blessed season as we come to the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I wanted to post just as a heads-up as to the track my blogging and writing will be following over the next […]

Primula Tea Set Review

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primula_tea set

Are you a hot tea drinker? Have you thought about trying tea but are wary of how to go about it, or what flavors to start with? I had the privilege of receiving for review this Teas of the World tea set from Primula Products to jumpstart my interest in trying hot and flavored tea, […]

The Eyes Have It

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I posted about having your eyes open just the other day, and the whole week or so has kind of had an “eyes” theme around here. What a better way to highlight eyes and what the Lord is showing me about “seeing” than with a makeup post! Yes? What if it also happens to be […]

Goat Milk Stuff

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goats milk

I received for the purpose of review some fun soaps from Goat Milk Stuff! I haven’t ever used goat milk soap before, but have heard great things about it and feel it is a frugal option as well as being a natural alternative to traditional soaps. If you know me, you know that I’m all […]