Maestro Classics – The Nutcracker Review

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Our family hasn’t traditionally used very many audio products, but thanks to the Crew we have loved having the opportunity to be introduced to some amazing ones! Maestro Classics offers “stories in music” with lots of fun supplementals. We received The Nutcracker for the purposes of review. Stories in Music Because I figured that the […]

Worshipful Wednesday

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worshipful wednesday

I probably won’t do a Worshipful Wednesday post every week, but periodically, when I really need it, I might find a way to include worship videos here as a post. I hope you enjoy it. After the way this week started out and simply the way the last few weeks have gone, today I’m purposefully […]

Drums With Willie Online Drum Lessons Review

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Online Drum Lessons

My teenage son Christian has been playing drums at the church for a couple of years now, but has never had the privilege of taking any lessons or gaining much technical knowledge related to his talents. We are pumped to bring you an online drum lessons review of DrumsWithWillie from JazzEdge, the same company that […]

Homeschool Piano Review – Online Piano Lessons

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We have the pleasure of reviewing an excellent online piano lessons program titled – what else? – HomeSchoolPiano and as a reviewer I have received the HomeSchoolPiano – Complete Set of Books including CorePiano, and books 1 through 3 of the program. We are thrilled to have access to all of it like this, as it’s […]

Kinderbach: Beginning Piano

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Beginning Piano

Beginning piano programs and sorting through them all can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to even know what should be taught and how early to start your beginning piano students. KinderBach is a beginning piano program easily usable in homeschool available online that is for approximate grade levels of kindergarten through second grade. We were […]