My Basic Minimum Wardrobe Goals

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minimalist wardrobe

I have too many clothes in my closet. I have TWO closets full of clothes. But what does a full wardrobe really require? I need to wrap my head around the basic things I really need to have, things that can be swapped out with each other so that it doesn’t look like I’m always […]

Biblical Womanhood: Keeping Home

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keeping home

I hope you’re enjoying the Biblical Womanhood launch series! Keeping home is a major part of life and womanhood, and it’s discussed in the Bible to help us learn and grow. Evenso, it’s not always a favorite activity; in fact, many of us loathe the individual tasks involved (including me)! Accountability is a big part […]

Tuesday Talk: Downsizing

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I decided something today. I’m gonna downsize. Again. As in, we are in a house that (if you don’t count the enclosed garage) is under 1000 square feet, and I’m determined that by the time we move out of here (approximately 6 months) we will actually FIT in here. Seriously. Why do we need all […]