A+ Mini Math Courses – A Review

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A+ Interactive Math has just released their new Math Mini-Courses and we have had the opportunity to review a couple of them through the TOS Crew. There are 20 different Math Mini-Courses available for purchase from $9.99 to $19.99 which is super reasonable; we used both Elementary & Middle School Division (2nd-6th) and Advanced Fractions […]

Times Tales – A Review

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We’ve always studied math in a mastery setting, but I have a son who has trouble with memorization – especially of math facts. I’d heard about Times Tales, published by The Trigger Memory Co., but I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it until recently. We were blessed to receive a digital download of this […]

8 Multiplication Resources

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My middle son is just about ready to move into multiplication after finally mastering his addition and subtraction facts! We are almost ready for some of these resources, as I know that we’ll need a little help memorizing facts. If you are an educator or parent with a frustrated child who is attempting to memorize […]

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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With all the resources I’ve collected in our 9+ years of homeschooling, sometimes I find that I don’t have quite the right resource for what we need in a given week. That’s why I was happy to review an Individual Membership at Super Teacher Worksheets so we could have access to their 100’s of pages! […]

Stinky Kid Math Review

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We had the pleasure of reviewing Stinky Kid Math, a homeschool math program for high school math subjects including algebra and geometry. My junior is working on geometry this year, having finished basic (foundational) algebra (Alg 1), and had begun working on the complex portions (starting Alg 2) but was having difficulty. We are thankful […]