Biblical Womanhood: Being a Godly Wife

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godly wife

As we explore what Biblical Womanhood means here on this blog, we’ve already looked at Growing in Faith and personal identity as a Christian woman. Another important aspect of our lives is that of Being a Godly Wife. I believe that our first priority is to God and growing in our own personal relationship with […]

Book Review: My Beloved, My Friend

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beloved friend

Are you married to your best friend? Were you friends before your married? Have you specifically and intentionally fostered a friendship with your spouse since the vows? The new book by Hal and Melanie Young (of Raising Real Men fame) will help you to do just that. My Beloved, My Friend is available as of […]

Always Something

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always something

It’s always something, isn’t it? Housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, school work, errands, park day, where’s my shoes, did you wash my uniforms, are you going to the church function this weekend? Always. There’s always laundry to do. I have seven people in my household, two of whom think they need multiple changes of clothing every single […]

Bedroom Makeover as Service

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My bedroom is clean! You all are aware by now that I’m helping launch a great ebook collection titled The Homemaker’s Mentor and that I’m learning a lot and having a blast doing so. You might also be aware, if you know me in person or if you’ve been reading my blogs for any length […]

Romantic Christmas Ideas

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Several years ago, hubby and I went through a time when it was my heart’s desire to make sure he was getting everything he needed in our marriage – getting everything he needed from me. I made it a goal to be certain I was striving to be who the Lord would have me to […]