Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar

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jolly phonics

You all know by now that I’m a phonics curriculum junkie, so I’m pleased to bring you this review of Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar from, a division of just2ducks LLC. We had access to the entire phonics program as well as the first book with guide for the grammar portion, so I had […]

Talking Shapes – Online Phonemes Program Review

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talking shapes

We have a range of learners in our home, and I’m discovering that even my twins learn differently and at different speeds. Talking Fingers Inc. has several phonics learning online programs, some of which we’ve reviewed earlier this year so I’m pleased to also be able to bring you this review of their Talking Shapes: […]

Sharon Watson – Power in Your Hand

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I have a college-bound senior but because of his unique personality and learning quirks, he hasn’t studied or had much experience in writing (even though he h as had TONS of grammar). Writing with Sharon Watson is a homeschooling writing publisher that I hadn’t heard of until more recently, so I’m thrilled to bring you […]

Laurelwood – Patriotic Penmanship

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Laurelwood Books has a ton of great looking products, and I’m pleased to bring you this review of their Patriotic Penmanship – Grade 3 (cursive) copywork student workbook. The Patriotic Penmanship books cover everything from grades 1 through high school, but the Grade 3 book is the first cursive book. We chose that option because […]

Progeny Press Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide

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indian literature guide

We are literature hounds at my house, so when we had the opportunity to review an e-guide from Progeny Press I was excited to be able to talk about these! My middle boys are 13 and 11, and they’ve really enjoyed reading and using the Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide. This guide came in PDF […]