Laurelwood – Patriotic Penmanship

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Laurelwood Books has a ton of great looking products, and I’m pleased to bring you this review of their Patriotic Penmanship – Grade 3 (cursive) copywork student workbook. The Patriotic Penmanship books cover everything from grades 1 through high school, but the Grade 3 book is the first cursive book. We chose that option because […]

Progeny Press Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide

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indian literature guide

We are literature hounds at my house, so when we had the opportunity to review an e-guide from Progeny Press I was excited to be able to talk about these! My middle boys are 13 and 11, and they’ve really enjoyed reading and using the Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide. This guide came in PDF […]

Forbrain – Bone Conduction Headset

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bone conduction headset

When I first heard about Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd  and their bone conduction headset, I was cautiously optimistic about the possibility of the Forbrain device helping a few different situations in my home. I wasn’t sure that we were far enough down the needful road to qualify for this review, but was very thankful […]

Memoria Press Traditional Logic

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I have a high school student who, when he was very young, was diagnosed with a language processing disorder which we later realized was connected to high functioning autism. When we had the opportunity to review the Traditional Logic I Complete Set  from Memoria Press, I was happy to do so because he still struggles […]

Poetry Memorization

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I recently read that dyslexic students are great storytellers, and to encourage them to tell stories and memorize prose and poetry. When I had the opportunity to review Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from one of our favorite publishers (Institute for Excellence in Writing), then, I jumped right on it! I had my dyslexic 5th […]