Talking Shapes – Online Phonemes Program Review

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talking shapes

We have a range of learners in our home, and I’m discovering that even my twins learn differently and at different speeds. Talking Fingers Inc. has several phonics learning online programs, some of which we’ve reviewed earlier this year so I’m pleased to also be able to bring you this review of their Talking Shapes: […]

Poetry Memorization

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I recently read that dyslexic students are great storytellers, and to encourage them to tell stories and memorize prose and poetry. When I had the opportunity to review Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from one of our favorite publishers (Institute for Excellence in Writing), then, I jumped right on it! I had my dyslexic 5th […]

Eat Your Science Homework!

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It’s no secret on this blog that having to teach my kids science is the bane of my homeschooling existence, but once again thanks to the wonderful Review Crew, we’ve had the opportunity to review an amazing supplemental resource! Let me have the pleasure of introducing to you Ann McCallum Books and the wonderful “Eat […]

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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With all the resources I’ve collected in our 9+ years of homeschooling, sometimes I find that I don’t have quite the right resource for what we need in a given week. That’s why I was happy to review an Individual Membership at Super Teacher Worksheets so we could have access to their 100’s of pages! […]

PreSchool (K4) Homeschool Curriculum Line-Up 2014-2015

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preschool homeschool curriculum line-up

This year, my youngest kiddos will be starting official schooling! The twins will be four years old on Monday (Sept 8) and they are excited to begin! I’m not really sure if you’d call what we do “preschool” or if you’d call it something more like K4, but either way, here is our preschool (k4) […]