Poetry Memorization

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I recently read that dyslexic students are great storytellers, and to encourage them to tell stories and memorize prose and poetry. When I had the opportunity to review Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from one of our favorite publishers (Institute for Excellence in Writing), then, I jumped right on it! I had my dyslexic 5th […]

What Does School Look Like? – Tips for Homeschool Parents

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Last week, someone asked our special needs homeschooling group what school looks like at our house. I know this is a question often asked of any homeschoolers, but I hadn’t really thought about how we do things differently because of our special needs. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about that; the very reason […]

Stick Figure Through The Bible with Grapevine Homeschool Bible Study Curriculum

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Have you heard of the Grapevine Studies Bible study series that teaches through a Stick Figure Through the Bible method? We had the pleasure of receiving for review all the levels of the New Testament Overview Part 1, because I have a kid at each age level from Beginners and levels 1 through 4. For […]

Eat Your Science Homework!

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It’s no secret on this blog that having to teach my kids science is the bane of my homeschooling existence, but once again thanks to the wonderful Review Crew, we’ve had the opportunity to review an amazing supplemental resource! Let me have the pleasure of introducing to you Ann McCallum Books and the wonderful “Eat […]

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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With all the resources I’ve collected in our 9+ years of homeschooling, sometimes I find that I don’t have quite the right resource for what we need in a given week. That’s why I was happy to review an Individual Membership at Super Teacher Worksheets so we could have access to their 100’s of pages! […]