Take A Break! Tips for Homeschooling Parents

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After yesterday’s post, I really wanted to continue telling you all what our day looks like. On a good day (insert smirk here), we get up and get started on school work. We take a break for lunch, and then get back to school work. That looks differently for each of my kids. But then […]

Educents Black Friday Sale

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Calling all homeschoolers! Educents is running a deal for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend! For Black Friday & Cyber Monday use code SPLENDOR90 for an extra 10% off + free shipping (US only) from 11/25 – 12/1!!. Grab curricula, great toys for the kids, educational fun items, and so much more – at the best prices […]

How to Celebrate the End of Summer

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celebrate the end of summer

What do you do at the end of the summer? Do you hold a “not back to school” or similar party? Maybe you get your planning done for the coming school year? In our homeschool, we school year-round, so we’ve continued to do academics for most of the year, though it’s been light work this […]

8 80’s TV Shows Our Kids Still Love

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80s tv shows

As our kids get a little older and their interests grow, we try to steer them away from many of the popular teen activities of today’s culture. One of the ways we’ve tried to do that is simply to interest them in our own pasts, including exposing them to 80’s tv shows we used to […]

Biblical Parenting: This Motherhood Thing

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This Motherhood Thing

I could complain that no one told me that motherhood was this hard. Motherhood doesn’t come naturally, and just because you give birth to a child doesn’t mean that you have any clue on how to deal with things. I could bemoan the fact that I’d always believed that motherhood, once obtained, would never change. […]