Homeschool 101 – Home Management

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home management

When it comes to home management, I’m the first to admit that I’m certainly not the best out there! At the same time, the Lord has definitely brought me a very long way both in conviction in this area and in practical methodology. Be sure to read my article from yesterday about planning, because much […]

Biblical Womanhood: Keeping Home

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keeping home

I hope you’re enjoying the Biblical Womanhood launch series! Keeping home is a major part of life and womanhood, and it’s discussed in the Bible to help us learn and grow. Evenso, it’s not always a favorite activity; in fact, many of us loathe the individual tasks involved (including me)! Accountability is a big part […]

Book Review: A Time for Everything

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I had the privilege of receiving a book for review from a local Christian author. A Time for Everything is a thin book (a quick read!) by Julie Graham-Tremillo, of my local county, which presents an easy-to-follow line of thought as to how to get everything done that needs to be done every day. Directed […]