MySchoolYear Online Homeschool Planner

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I’m a planner by nature; I enjoy it, but my time spent planning doesn’t always result in actually getting those plans accomplished. In my search for an online homeschool planner, I had the opportunity to review‘s version of their My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) system. I’ve tried several online planners in the past, […]

LearnBop Online Math Help

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learnbop online math help

I have 5 kids, at 4 to 5 different educational levels, and everyone needs a different a math program! LearnBop is a new online math help program set to Common Core standards; we received their LearnBop for Families Family Plan year’s subscription for the purpose of review. Even though it says up to 4 students, […]

Memoria Press Traditional Logic

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I have a high school student who, when he was very young, was diagnosed with a language processing disorder which we later realized was connected to high functioning autism. When we had the opportunity to review the Traditional Logic I Complete Set  from Memoria Press, I was happy to do so because he still struggles […]

Poetry Memorization

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I recently read that dyslexic students are great storytellers, and to encourage them to tell stories and memorize prose and poetry. When I had the opportunity to review Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from one of our favorite publishers (Institute for Excellence in Writing), then, I jumped right on it! I had my dyslexic 5th […]

Homeschool Diplomas – A Review

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Homeschool Diplomas

It’s that time, friends – I have a high school student looking to graduate soon! Before I had the opportunity to review, I hadn’t really given much thought to what we were going to do for a ceremony or any of the fun little side things, such as homeschool diplomas themselves. I’m thankful to […]