Homeschooling Essentials: Movers and Shakers

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movers shakers

Welcome to Day 5 of the Homeschooling Essentials series! Are you enjoying it? Are you gleaning from it? The final thing I’ll post about as being an essential of homeschooling is what I’m going to call the “movers and shakers.” What are those? Those are the fun things, the games, the activities that get your […]

Homeschooling Essentials: Great Books

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Great Books

Great books are probably the only real thing I’d consider a homeschooling essential, but I haven’t always felt that way. I almost decided to write about curriculum, but if you read yesterday’s post you’ll see that I decided on just the three R’s instead. Even then, you don’t need a specific curriculum. But you will […]

Homeschooling Essentials: The Three R’s

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homeschooling three rs

When it comes to homeschooling, one of the most essential pieces of the day involves the actual teaching and learning of your core subjects. Typically called “the three R’s,” these consist of reading, writing, and math – or, arithmetic if you’d like to see that third R. Your state may have requirements beyond this (and, […]

Homeschooling Essentials: Supplies

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A few homeschooling essentials include all the supplies you can possibly imagine, and a few that you might not. It all depends on your child’s learning style, and your teaching style, and what age level your kids are academically absorbing this school year. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something after clicking […]

Homeschool High School: Our Freshman Year Plans

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homeschool high school freshman

My oldest kiddo is a freshman in homeschool high school this year! YIKES! Well, I’m not terribly scared or worried about him. He does great academically and I’ve about decided some things that almost make our transcript worries null. I thought I’d share what we plan to use for high school this year, and some […]