Shake the Crave! Meal Replacement Review

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shake the crave

Is one of your goals for the next year to lose weight? Do you prefer to use natural methods, but need a little bit of help in the appetite control department? I had the privilege to receive for review a couple of packages of Shake the Crave meal replacement shakes. This initial review is mostly […]

Today is Time for Change

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This isn’t something I talk about hardly ever, but… much of the time, I don’t feel great, and I hurt. Mostly it’s my back that hurts, but my legs can hurt often too. Mostly I’ve blamed it on a back injury from a car accident high school, plus bad beds. Sometimes my head bothers me, […]

Weight Loss Goals 2014

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WEIGHT loss goals feb14

Do you have weight loss goals for this year? We know that when making weight loss goals, we should try to stay realistic and to break it down into bite-sized parts. Make your goals attainable and measurable so that you can keep yourself accountable. My weight loss goals for the year have been the same […]

Weight Loss with ACE: Review

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ACE2 weight loss goals

Is weight loss one of your goals this year? Are you wary of all the chemicals in the supplements available in stores? I lost 11 pounds between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day this year (*2013), doing nothing above taking ACE, an all natural supplement by Saba. *UPDATE! I have continued to lose weight, but have […]

Primula Tea Set Review

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primula_tea set

Are you a hot tea drinker? Have you thought about trying tea but are wary of how to go about it, or what flavors to start with? I had the privilege of receiving for review this Teas of the World tea set from Primula Products to jumpstart my interest in trying hot and flavored tea, […]