Daily Bible Jigsaw

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Sometimes us homeschooling moms just need a break! Planet 316 is a Christian company that puts out game applications, and as part of the Crew I’ve been blessed to be part of a review for the Daily Bible Jigsaw, a free app that works on iOS, Google Play, or as a Facebook game. We received […]

Chara Games: Commissioned

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We are a game-playing family and I’m thrilled to bring you this review of the game Commissioned from Chara Games! Commissioned is a game for bigger kids and adults, and it’s based on the Biblical events of the New Testament. It is true that you don’t need any knowledge of Biblical events, history, or trivia […]

Summer Schooling

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summer schooling

Whether you usually homeschool through the summer, take it light, or take completely off, most of us have an entirely different plan-of-action for the summer months. We’re summer schooling it in our house! This year, hopefully, the fun way! We always school year-round and take off from the week of Thanksgiving through the first of […]

Snake Oil Review – Out of the Box Games

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snake oil educational games

If you enjoy using educational games to supplement your homeschool curriculum, or maybe you are just a game-playing family like we are, you need to come check out Out of the Box Games!! We had the pleasure of receiving for the purpose of review a great game called Snake Oil for ages 10 and up. […]

Clued In Kids – Treasure Hunts

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hunts review

Who doesn’t like treasure hunts? Everyone loves treasure hunts, and Clued in Kids has made them easy to do and included some fun educational aspects as well. I received for the purpose of review two hunts from this company. I received one PDF printable hunt titled Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt, and one physical product hunt titled […]