Times Tales – A Review

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We’ve always studied math in a mastery setting, but I have a son who has trouble with memorization – especially of math facts. I’d heard about Times Tales, published by The Trigger Memory Co., but I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it until recently. We were blessed to receive a digital download of this […]

What Does School Look Like? – Tips for Homeschool Parents

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Last week, someone asked our special needs homeschooling group what school looks like at our house. I know this is a question often asked of any homeschoolers, but I hadn’t really thought about how we do things differently because of our special needs. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about that; the very reason […]

Elementary School Homeschool Curriculum Line-Up for 2014-2015

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Elementary School homeschool curriculum line-up

You might remember that Brandon, my now 10 year old middle son, was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. I expect to be researching and reading and learning and exploring quite a bit about what that means for him, and how I can best go about teaching him in our homeschool, so look for posts about this […]