Book Review: My Beloved, My Friend

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beloved friend

Are you married to your best friend? Were you friends before your married? Have you specifically and intentionally fostered a friendship with your spouse since the vows? The new book by Hal and Melanie Young (of Raising Real Men fame) will help you to do just that. My Beloved, My Friend is available as of […]

The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted – Christian Marriage Book Review

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christian marriage book

If you read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and wanted more, or if you haven’t read that yet and are just seeking some guidance in your marriage and just being able to get along and grow, then you won’t want to miss his new book The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted. Disclaimer: I received […]

2014 Reading Plans

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books reading plan

So, I posted about what I finished reading in 2013 and I mentioned that I need to schedule out actual books and assign them to specific weeks for 2014. Maybe I have a better chance of reaching my “book a week” goal that way. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase […]

Putting On the Spirit: Busy Mom Devotional Giveaway!

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busy mom devotional giveaway

Did you pick up your free copy of Katie Hornor’s busy mom devotional Putting On the Spirit last week? I hope you did! If you didn’t here is your chance to win a copy of this fun devotional! Read my review HERE and don’t forget to pick up your free activity book to go along […]

Putting on the Spirit Devotional Review

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Are you a busy mom but would love to get in a few bites to feed your soul each day? Katie Hornor has written the perfect busy mom devotional just for you, based on the fruit of the Spirit. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this eBook for the purpose of review, and this post […]