Unit Study Review: Westward Ho! Part 1 by Homeschool Legacy

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I’ve always adored the cohesiveness of a unit study approach in homeschooling, but had mind blocks concerning whether it could really cover all of the necessary components. We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a unit study by Homeschool Legacy from their Once-a-Week series; the title we received is Westward Ho I, a 5 week study. […]

Firmly Planted – A Family Bible Study

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family bible study

While we are super active at church and are always discussing the things of the Lord in front of and with our children, even running a home fellowship group twice monthly, we have not had a specific method of studying Bible in our homeschool for quite a time now. I was excited by the opportunity […]

Purposeful Design by Jay Schabacker

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purposeful design

If you want to teach your kids that our wonderful world and universe were a purposeful design by an intelligent creator, but want to pique their interest and let them explore on their own, have I got a resource for you! I was privileged to receive for review a book called Purposeful Design: Understanding the […]

Wulf the Saxon, by Henty: a Jim Hodges Audio Book

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G.A. Henty is well known for his enthusiastic and interesting historical fiction books. What better way to enjoy these than in audio book format! I had the pleasure of receiving for review a Henty audio book by Jim Hodges Productions. We have been listening to Wulf the Saxon and also utilizing the Study Guide provided […]

Book Review: Preschoolers and Peace by Kendra Fletcher

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Kendra Fletcher

If you are homeschooling older kids and trying to also keep up with preschoolers, then you are completely aware that it’s not always a peaceful endeavor! I recently read, after having received a copy for the purposes of review, a new book by Kendra Fletcher titled Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while […]