The Inspired Holiday Bundle

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The holidays are quickly approaching and with many ways to celebrate between October and December, you might start feeling a little stressed and uninterested. Do you remember when I mentioned that my eBook would soon be available in a bundle? Well, it’s here! I’m thrilled to be partnering with other Christian bloggers to bring you […]

An Apple Sort of Day

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apple day

Thanks to some apple inspiration from Kerry at How to Homeschool My Child, we celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday yesterday! We made apple pie and did several apple crafts, read a few apple related books, and just generally tried to make it an “apple” sort of day. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for […]

Personal Creations Easter Baskets

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personalized baskets

  With yet another major holiday around the corner, everyone here is trying to decide what Easter traditions we will keep and which ones we will toss. Even amongst the chaos at my house over traditions, we expect to give out treats to the kids this year; something fun as a surprise to wake up […]