All Things Books Linkup

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Hi all! I’m starting a new books linkup for all things book-related! I plan to post the books I’ve read personally and possibly also our homeschool reads each  month. I hope you’ll do so as well, but feel free to link up any current book-related post. Reviews are welcome, but please limit yourself so that […]

A Books Linkup – March Edition

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All Books Linkup March

I’ve fully intended on posting this books linkup monthly starting at the beginning of the year. In fact, I did a “must read” post at the end of November to try and kick it off… only, we lost all internet access and I haven’t been able to post it. My intention was to post in […]

5 Books Every Christian Should Read

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My grandfather used to say that he didn’t need to read any books other than the Bible. Well, of course, as Christians we should all be spending significant amounts of time in the Word, but we are also instructed to obtain godly counsel. We also know that there are several forms of “the Word of […]

Campus Book Rentals

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With my hubby attending college for the past year and a couple of years yet to go, we are always exploring options for buying textbooks. You would not believe how stupidly expensive college textbooks are! I’ve discovered a great way to save on those costs! is an easy to navigate website where you can […]