You’re a “Whosoever”

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Do you know who you are in Christ? Do you know the promises that are laid out for you in God’s Word? A good place to start is a study on the word “whosoever” used mostly in the King James Version of the Bible. (Psst. KJV is not my friend, because – although I can […]

How To Study the Bible

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We all know that studying the Bible is an important thing to do. But do you know how to study the Bible? Studying is important, and reading is important, but – what’s the difference? How do you get more meaning from scripture than just the surface story? Is there more than one way to study […]

Biblical Womanhood: Growing in Faith

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Growing in Faith

When I think about Biblical Womanhood and all the Lord has taught me, I know that growing in faith and in my relationship with Christ should be the first and foremost priority in life. It took me a long time to put that into practice, and to understand what that truly looks like. In fact, […]

Firmly Planted – A Family Bible Study

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family bible study

While we are super active at church and are always discussing the things of the Lord in front of and with our children, even running a home fellowship group twice monthly, we have not had a specific method of studying Bible in our homeschool for quite a time now. I was excited by the opportunity […]

Apologia: Christian Worldview Curriculum – What On Earth Can I Do?

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Apologia Christian Worldview

As Christian homeschoolers, we seek to teach our children a Christian worldview and to realize that everything is in God’s hands, part of His story. Apologia Educational Ministries has been a leader in materials to help us do just that, and I’m pleased to bring you this review for the What on Earth Can I […]