Being Feminine Without Vanity

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Feminine girly side

Do you think God cherishes our feminine side? I think He does, or He wouldn’t have created us that way! Contrary to the current cultural climate which would teach our children that gender doesn’t matter and that we should be free to change our gender identity, I believe that God’s Word clearly instructs us to […]

Biblical Womanhood: Being Feminine

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Being Feminine

I hope that you’re becoming excited about all that’s planned for this website! Are you? Being feminine is yet another part of Biblical womanhood, and one that I don’t always remember to emphasize. As a home body, sometimes it’s just more practical to do the bare minimum and I forget to acknowledge and enjoy all […]

Jamberry Nails Review

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jamberry nails

Wish you  had time to do your own nails? Have you tried doing your own nails but just don’t do a very good job of it, always making a mess, or never getting the texture quite right? Jamberry  has your answer! I had the privilege to receive for review 2 packages of Jamberry nail wraps! […]

The Eyes Have It

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I posted about having your eyes open just the other day, and the whole week or so has kind of had an “eyes” theme around here. What a better way to highlight eyes and what the Lord is showing me about “seeing” than with a makeup post! Yes? What if it also happens to be […]

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact

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  I haven’t done much with makeup in recent years, but if you’ve known me any time at all you’ll remember that I used to do my makeup frequently! Back in the days when I was dating the man I now call my husband, he sorely lamented the makeup routine. Now, he sometimes asks why […]