ArtAchieve Review – Online Art Units

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I’m one homeschool mom who has a difficult time including extras like art into our homeschooling day, and have always needed an easy option if I’m going to do so. ArtAchieve has served me for the past couple of school years, and this year for review we are blessed to be reviewing their Entire Level […]

ArtAchieve – Online Homeschool Art Curriculum

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I love art! I’m just not very good about incorporating it into our school day, so I was pleased to be able to review an online program I’d not heard of before! ArtAchieve is an online homeschool art curriculum program using either videos or PowerPoint slides to teach art to my kids! With the Entire […]

ARTistic Pursuits Review

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I’ve had a hard time including things like art and music in our homeschool, simply because in my home we’ve had a need to emphasize doing what you “have to do” before you can do what you want to do. So when I had the chance to review for ARTistic Pursuits, I knew a curriculum […]

ARTistic Pursuits – A Homeschool Art Review

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homeschool art program

Homeschool art is one of those subjects I just seldom get around to teaching because we have so many “important” things to get done first and because I’m a planner and can’t really just come up with what and how in the spur of the moment. So, I was pleased to be selected to review […]