Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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With all the resources I’ve collected in our 9+ years of homeschooling, sometimes I find that I don’t have quite the right resource for what we need in a given week. That’s why I was happy to review an Individual Membership at Super Teacher Worksheets so we could have access to their 100’s of pages! There are homeschool printables for every school subject or every theme you can imagine!

Homeschool Printables

My twins are just starting kindergarten, so sometimes they get an itch and want to do tons of school work – more than I have planned for the day. Super Teacher Worksheets has been a wonderful resource for us when that happens! I have phonics workbooks coming out my ears, but sometimes they need or want extra practice, and often the sheet I need in a workbook is already worked. When that happens, I just have been pulling up the alphabet pages and finding a good fit! We use a popular beginner’s phonics workbook, but the first couple of lessons in the first student book are already done. Super Teacher Worksheets has been a lifesaver for me in filling in the holes!

I’m sorely lacking in the science department, but my 5th grade student recently put together his own unit study for this year. He wanted to study the human body, so we went and gathered every resource I have on the subject. I do have tons of college-level stuff for it, but in the upper middle school range all I have are books. That’s great, but he needs some interaction. Super Teacher Worksheets has a full range of science subjects and in the anatomy section has a page for every body system! There are articles to read and quizzes to be done, but there are also fun sheets like word puzzles. I love the variety!

The website has an area for you to preview every file so you can see every page in the set before you download. If you desire, you can check out how the set aligns with Common Core. Not that the site is set up to follow the CC, but if you need to use it for your state requirements, you’ll know how the sheets fit in to whatever else you might be using. Some of the subjects I’m sure you could completely fulfill with Super Teacher Worksheets! In fact, you could learn about the subjects, especially in history and science, through living books. Then, to fulfill state requirements such as CC or even just in TX we must use a “written curriculum,” use the homeschool printables from Super Teacher Worksheets.

My twins most enjoyed the color-by-number pages. We are actually using these as our math right now, to help with number identification. I let them use markers, crayons, paint, or whatever coloring utencils they want for the day, and when they are tired of doing it I let them stop. Usually that’s around 10 minutes, and if they finish the page then great! Often they don’t, and we just save it to the next day.

homeschool printables
There are English grammar worksheets, which my middle student has been using as we search for a curriculum to fit his learning style. Also there are pages in the Reading section that are beyond ‘read the paragraph, answer the questions’ type pages. We’ll be incorporating some of the worksheets to cover things like synonyms and antonyms in his language arts studies. I’m excited about the worksheet generator in spelling. He’s using a new auditory-based program, but if he needs extra work or just wants the break, this will do nicely! There are plenty of pages for the older kids!

And of course there are a lot of pages for the younger kids. They are always expanding and adding new things at
Super Teacher Worksheets, so I do hope to see more color-by-number pages and maybe a few color-by-alphabet pages soon. A handwriting worksheet generator would be nice in addition to the dozen or so generators on the site. (Of course math is already included!) There are so many areas on this site, it’s hard to use them all!

One thing I was very impressed with is the calendar generator. I’ve looked at several calendar programs and none is quite as easy to use as this one. Just pick your month and year, then click on any given square to add your information. I used it to generate an events calendar for our church to print and hand out, and since it’s easy, I’ll keep using it. The church folks are thrilled, and so am I!

Whatever your homeschool printables needs are, I’m sure you’ll find something to fill the gaps at Super Teacher Worksheets. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Don’t forget to check out the other Crew reviews!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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