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I was recently blessed with some beautiful jewelry and items from a fun, Christian owned Etsy shop. Sundays Child Studio owner Ellen sent me several beautiful things! I can’t decide if I’m going to give them as gifts or keep them for myself, but am definitely leaning towards keeping them. Merry Christmas to me, I think!


She sent so many gorgeous things, and they were wrapped beautifully! I love the attention to details she paid with her wrapping. Every piece of jewelry was in its own individual box, and the purse was neatly folded so that it wouldn’t wrinkle and then wrapped in tissue paper. It’s all very beautiful, and the ribbons and lace on the outside of the boxes really gave it all an upscale feeling.

This is the beautiful necklace she sent. She has rosaries in her shop, but as I don’t follow a religion that has a use for those I asked about using it as a necklace instead. I’m so happy with what she sent – purple is my favorite color and this necklace is going to be my new main accessory! It’s perfect!

Aren’t these earrings the cutest?? (More here!) They are shells that have been painted on. They are a bit big and gaudy for my usual style, but I will have a blast wearing them out of the house and bragging on my sweet Etsy friend. She sent these packaged not only in the silver box, but also inside the little suede-type pocket you see in this picture. Very classy and a great way to store these without them getting scuffed. I love them!

She also sent two beautiful rings. I need silver rings because at this point most of my jewelry is silver and of course it must all coordinate. The round button is a classy selection to go with almost any outfit, and the heart is more fun for every day wear. These are adjustable and I know I’ll wear them often.

The drawstring purse is just so pretty, and I think I’m going to give it to my daughter for Christmas. She is always grabbing my purses or clutches and carrying them around, and so definitely needs her own “purse” for her own pretty things, and I know she will love this! The beaded edge top is gorgeous, and the sequins will just call “princess” for her, I’m sure.

What a blessing Ms. Ellen has been! I hope you will visit her shop, take a look around, maybe favorite her shop and some of her items, and even order something. She really went over the top and spoiled me for this review, and I know she has a loving heart for Christ.

Ellen has offered a discount code to For the Display of His Splendor readers! Just enter the code blogsavings at checkout to receive 15% off of your purchase. Please stop by and tell her I sent you! Many blessings!


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    Awww, all of your stuff is so pretty. I am in love with the rings, they are beautiful! I am so happy you were blessed by such a generous and giving soul. I know your daughter will love the purse and who doesn’t want things that scream “princess”?