Some Days I Don’t Give 100%

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We’re all supposed to be “Pinterest Moms” or some kind of super moms these days. Perception is everything, and as a marketer I’m supposed to come off as the expert in my field. To be an expert of the caliber to be advising other people, one shouldn’t make mistakes – or at least, one shouldn’t allow those mistakes to be known.

Screw that.


Some days I don’t give 100% – not to my kids, not to my marriage, not to our homeschool, not to my God. Sometimes I just don’t have 100% in me to give. Some days I have 0% to give and need someone else’s 100% instead. Sometimes I have whole weeks like that. Maybe that makes me a bad mom… wife… homeschooler… Christian. I don’t know.

I’m currently taking a course – a very helpful and edifying course, to be honest, and I’m blessed to be able to be in it – which promotes the idea that 100% is easy, 99% is hard. The idea is that if you know that you always do things a certain way, you’ll be more likely to do it that way and NOT doing it is the exception. To me, it sounds like forming habits and making sure they are habits. It’s an excellent concept for teaching my kids and for motivation to develop those needed life habits.

But when life throws me a blow – in a season, or on any given day – I might not have 100% to give 100% of the time. And I don’t care if others know that I’m not perfect. Because it’s not about being perfect and being able to meet all my own needs. It’s about worshiping and loving a God who CAN and DOES.

When I don’t have 100% to give, my God more than makes up for everything I’m not. And it’s totally cool with me if you know that I rely on Him to do exactly that more often than not. He’s my 100%.