Sharing Your Childhood: A Love Shared

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What do you love? Do your kids love it, too? How many common interests do you share with your kids? Get them to like the same things you like, by sharing more of what you like. We’re some sci-fi nerds in my home; we love Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the infamous Dr. Who.

love shared

A Love Shared

Sharing a love of all things sci-fi including the popular Doctor is great and all, but how does a currently popular television show equate to sharing my childhood with my kids? Quite simply, it’s the love of sci-fi and fantasy genre literature and movies that is being shared. I have shared my nerdiness with my kids, and we are all nerdy together.

Growing up, I was a reader. I loved mysteries, and fantasy genres most. As I aged, I kind of got out of the habit of reading, and gravitated more towards movies. In movies, I’ve always liked the fantasy and sci-fi sorts, and that extends to television shows as well.

Love of Sci-Fi

Think E.T. for movies and Alf for television – very popular sci-fi viewings from then. And yes – my kids have seen E.T. and Alf!

Knight Rider – which I don’t think my kids have seen, but we have definitely talked about Kit the car and about David Hasselhoff because my teenager loves finding the same actors in different roles – was certainly a popular sci-fi type show as well. My kids have seen Flight of the Navigator and even Star Trek.

Star Wars? Of course. With the newer trilogy out, everyone is a Star Wars fan these days, and my boys are no exception. In fact, this is a fun study and reason to start exploring the making of movies and how the special effects have changed in the last 25 or 35 years!

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Love of Fantasy

The Last Unicorn, people. Yes, my kids have seen it. It’s kind of awkward these days, but still a cute movie and leads to discussions. Not one I’ve purchased though. The Hobbit animated movie… my kids know of it and know it exists but I’m not sure if they’ve seen it. It’s actually pretty hard to find out in the local places, but I haven’t made an effort to find it on Amazon or Netflix or anything yet. Soon, maybe.

Because, you see, as an adult I finally read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit – after I’d seen the movies, of course. But, it did the same thing for my kids – watching the movies inspired a desire in them to read the books. As far as I’m concerned, anything that inspires a love and desire of reading, especially quality literature like Tolkien, is worth it! My oldest son has read all 4 books (some of them more than once) and my middle son has read The Hobbit. He wants to read the trilogy but I’m having him wait a few years; these books are just a more difficult reading level and I don’t want him to become discouraged.

Willow we watched, but maybe too young for the boys. They were bored. Clash of the Titans we watched in anticipation of the first Percy Jackson movie that came out several years ago. Another great example of how special effects have changed drastically, that one is! Makes for great ancient history discussions as well. I still promise, as I have before, to make them watch The Princess Bride. Soon, maybe. My birthday is this month, for a possibility.

Ghostbusters? Yes, but that’s a post in and of itself….

Love of The Doctor

So, all of this sci-fi and fantasy love and sharing has culminated in our recent interest in Doctor Who. It’s not an entirely wholesome show, I will readily admit. Some things are borderline offensive, but they open up discussion in my home about such things as Noah and the ark, the Christmas star, angels and heralds, the wiping out of 1/3 or 1/4 of the earth’s population in Revelation, and more. So, I’m all for opening up those Biblical discussions, and for pointing out how the world twists what little Biblical truth it retains.

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What do you love? Have you instilled that love in your kids, so you can share some fun inside jokes?

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  1. says

    I was not much of a sci-fi fan as a child. I mean I saw Star Wars and like it. I saw E.T but I wouldn’t have labeled myself a lover of sci-fi and fantasy. As an adult? Well yes we are geeks here. My husband loves Star Trek and we’ve been watching the different series with the girls and we’ve been watching lots of Doctor Who. I’ve really been enjoying your Sharing Childhood Memories stories. So glad that you are doing them every week!
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    • dalynnrmc says

      I appreciate that, Tess! Glad to know it is being enjoyed. :) I’ve certainly gotten more into the sci-fi thing in adulthood, but it was an easy jump from fantasy for sure. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Be blessed!

    • dalynnrmc says

      I read the HP books (but decided not to include those in this post, simply because of my audience), and saw the TW movies with my sister. The former is more of a favorite than the latter, for several reasons, but yes – those are within the spectrum of what I’m talking about here for sure. Some of those things, as far as sharing them with the kiddos goes, we just haven’t gotten to for my comfort level and my kids’ spiritual maturity. But, I must admit that I am not familiar with the other movies you mentioned. 😉 I’ll have to look them up! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • dalynnrmc says

      If you love both sci-fi and fantasy, I’m sure that you would. :) As I mentioned, there are some (spiritually) questionable things, but for us it has opened the door to great discussions. Certainly discussing things we wouldn’t have otherwise! Thanks for commenting! Be blessed!