Sharing Your Childhood: Christian Music

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I’m intentionally sharing my childhood with my kids, and this week it’s about Christian music. That’s kind of odd, because Christian music wasn’t that big of a deal when I was kid. Except for one guy.

From Carman’s own YouTube channel:

Carman is an enigma in Christian music, often described as part evangelist, part Vegas Showman. His concerts were more like a rock & roll Billy Graham Crusade than a Christian music event. After all the singing, dancing, clapping and preaching, throngs of people would stream down to the counseling area to accept Christ-many times as many as 5,000 in an evening. Admission was usually free, a simple offering taken, similar to 30k churches on Sunday mornings. And he filled the largest stadiums the world over. In fact, Carman holds the record for the largest Christian concert ever in Dallas, Texas. But it even goes beyond that. If you take the Mega Stadium acts that played the famed landmark such as Pink Floyd, U 2, Madonna, The Jackson Five, Paul McCartney, Garth Brooks and even Metallic, you’ll see that, as the newspapers noted, the one act that drew the highest attendance in Texas Stadium was Carman, with 71,132. This is more than just an A-list artist-this man is a Cultural Phenomenon.

Anointed Christian Music

If you’ve never heard of Carman, you’re missing out! His early stuff, the stuff I listened to as a kid at church, the stuff that’s been around forever – some of it is kind of cheesy by today’s standards, but it’s still strong, got strong messages, and has power and love behind it. Amazing power and love like you’ve never experienced.

He came to our local church a couple of years ago, thanks to another big name guy in our (then current) fellowship, and the charge was very very little. I wish now that we had stretched a bit and brought the boys. We bought some CD’s and DVD’s while we were there and brought them home, and introduced the boys to him that way. His music is kind of rap-sounding, but if you’ve never heard him please click a few videos and listen. Don’t be turned off by initial impression or style – LISTEN to these words. They are powerful.

Christian’s favorite song is Who’s In the House:

Drew’s favorite song is No Monsters in my House:

Brandon’s favorite song is House of Praise:

More than Christian Music

But, let me tell you, this man is a mighty warrior for God. Here is what I said recently to a friend about Carman.

“[Carman] was the pioneer of contemporary Christian music. He kind of went out in popularity before it really got big, but much of Christian music today is thanks to him paving the way. He is a VERY influential, VERY powerful, VERY spiritual and grounded in the blood of Jesus man. [Carman] is FULL of love, out of the ghetto – he’s Italian American so you can imagine his heritage and testimony. The man can preach as well as he can sing. He brings the conviction of the church that you and I long for the church to find truth and revelation in.”

That conviction of the church is true love, true relationship, without judgment. It’s doing the work of Christ without worrying about the why and how behind the situation people are in and need help rising above.

Carman’s Struggle

I make this post today for more than one reason. I make this post about just the one Christian music artist from my childhood rather than sharing about other artists like DC Talk and Newsboys for a reason. Carman, this anointed worship leader and mighty warrior for Christ through the venue of Christian music, is fighting a struggle and he needs your support by prayer.

Several months ago, Carman was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. He’s been open about his struggle and asked for prayer from the beginning, not out of fear but out of knowledge of the power of prayer and of God’s healing power and divine will. In the midst of his chemotherapy treatments, dear friends, Carman has developed an infection. Join with me in prayer:

Lord, we come before you to stand in the gap in support for the man we all know as Carman. We know he is a dear man to You, and that You know of his mighty works on your behalf here on earth. Lord, we know it is Your will that NONE suffer, and that Christ bore ALL sickness and disease on the cross. We pray right now through the blood of Jesus that you reach down and heal every part of Carman’s body. We speak death to cancer, Lord, in the name of Jesus! We tell this infection to GO back to the depths where it came from, in the name of Jesus, that this man belongs to YOU oh Lord, and no name and no power is above yours.

We ask, Lord, that the healing of Carman happen, right now, for YOUR glory. We ask that Carman’s testimony of healing and power and grace in this trial is so significant that it Your hand in it cannot be denied by anyone. We ask for that testimony on his behalf, Lord, and we stand in agreement with him and with others across this nation and across the world that Jesus saves, heals, and delivers, and we ask it for Carman right now. Your word promises that when two or more are gathered in your name, that You are there as well; we stand together all over this nation and ask for your healing power and presence with Carman in Jesus name.

praying for carman christian music

ETA: Within only a couple of hours after my posting this today, Carman has posted an update on his Facebook page. Please continue praying with me for a full healing, and death to cancer!

Thank you for standing for truth, and thank you for praying for Carman every time you think of him. I ask you to purposefully think of him, and pray for him, over the next days and weeks and months. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, like his page on Facebook, find him on Twitter, and anything else you can think of to do to remind yourself to pray for this dear man. Use the hashtags #prayforcarman and #prayingforcarman to show your support.

I didn’t receive any sort of compensation for this post. I’m not an affiliate of any sort for him. He just needs prayer.

My favorite song? I like A Witch’s Invitation, which is more of a narrated story set to music than a song. My sister loves Mission 3:16 and always has. But here’s a great praise song to end the post:

So, Christian music is how I’m sharing my childhood with my kids this week, and how doing so points to Christ and to ministring to others by Kingdom principles.

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    Wow did this bring back memories : ) Both my children and I LOVE Carmen. We have several of his CD’s. They have no idea he is from my childhood. They just think he is cool. He has such an anointing on his life! I think my favorite is: LAZARUS, Come Forth! I get chill bumps (and tears) every time I listen to it.
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    • dalynnrmc says

      I love Lazarus too! That’s one of the main ones *I* remember from being a kid. We were Christian pop before it was cool, eh? LOL Thanks for commenting! Blessings!

    • dalynnrmc says

      Thank you for joining us in #prayingforCarman Lis! Our God is a God of health and healing, and I absolutely see a fantastic and undeniable testimony from this warrior over the months to come. I appreciate your taking the time to comment! God bless!

    • dalynnrmc says

      What a fun song! I’ll have to go grab that one real fast for the kids to hear – not sure if it’s on any of the material we have already or not. Thanks for commenting, and thanks for joining us in prayer for Carman!

    • dalynnrmc says

      Isn’t he so much fun?? I’ve only seen him live the one time and it was recently, and without his full band, but he’s a fantastic performer. God bless him! Thanks for commenting, and thanks for joining me in praying for him!